[ALBUM REVIEW] Since Tuesday – Since Tuesday


Make Me Sing
Home Sweet Home
Cut To The Chase
Potential Love Bug





Since Tuesday are a band of talented young performers based in southern eastern Australia and, as you would reasonably presume, have been creating their music together since Tuesday.  Well…a Tuesday anyway.   In fact, one particular Tuesday back in May 2014 brought about the collaboration of Trish Thompson, Sophie von Tunk, Maddi Cram and Beau Dixon.

In order to maintain some semblance of privacy around our protagonists and their individual particulars, I will simply offer a single remark when one discovers the age of these performers, namely ‘DAMN’.  This young, this creative and this professional is a collection of descriptors I do not assemble lightly, however they are appropriate none the less.

Perhaps is something in the water within the hamlets that nestle among greenery with the southern waves lapping at their boundaries, but a symbiosis between music and nature is immediately evident.  The cover art by Margy Doherty illustrates the strumming solo virtuoso perched aloft a particularly obliging whale, and is aptly representative of the recording contents.  Doubtless resulting from their serene surroundings, abundant in natures inspirations, stems the band member’s affinity for mastery of a multitude of instruments.

For this recording Trish provides her angelic tones as lead vocalist, but also has the trumpet and ukulele surrendering to her harmonic will.  Sophie von Tunk provides in sensational style the keyboards, harmonies and saxophone while Maddi Cram shreds gently on acoustic guitar and Beau Dixon keeps the band together in time by bay of the Cajon.  Not one of these musicians is limited by their contributions within this collection of songs, not it seems is their prowess for musical creativity. Indie Pop would probably ring true with most connoisseurs but what this recording demonstrates is the group’s proficiency for diversity.  A truly impressive collage of styles is infused within this collection of tracks.  Seamless blending of inspiration often catch the ear throughout this tremendous assembly of soulful serenades.

Little wonder this album is so finely tuned because is recorded, mixed and mastered by none other than the incredibly talented Pete Bird at YELP Studios, Warrnambool, Victoria.  Pete is a master in the studio and the very embodiment of all that is positive in music along with being an ambassador of what rhythm and lyric can mean to one’s life.

Mystery is a sensational entwinement of indie and contemporary folk, bursting with youthful appeal and a sense of a whole life laid out ahead.  Littered with lyrics representative of life’s highs and lows, this brilliant piece cannot be robbed of its glorious sunny outlook.

Home Sweet Home is an honest offering musically and quite reserved in delivery when one considers the lyrical instructions to get out of my house, and right out of town for that matter.  A sensational beat with each element provided its opportunity to shine, but what is most impressive is the infusion of a jazz trumpet bridge which is included to utter perfection.

The beautiful acoustic string plucking introduction to Make Me Sling, along with that familiar beat often our accompaniment on an elevator ride, ushers in Trish and her beautiful voice complemented superbly by Sophie.  This track is something truly superb as it ebbs and flows in style to accompany the lyrics.  An ever evolving track that you wish would go on forever but the band bring the track to a halt superbly.

Cut To The Chase commences like in a gentle flowing fashion with instrumental elements climbing aboard in an impressive, progressive motion.  I cannot help but be reminded of the introduction to Golden Brown by The Stranglers circa 1981, but because of the splendid inventiveness rather than similarity in sound and styling.   Slightly less harpsichord too.  This track offers another example of the group’s ability to use timing and style variations to their advantage, making this seem a genre all its own.

Along plucks a simple introduction to City before a pacier guitar track provides the aural illusion of that laid back country feel thrust into the hustle and bustle.  An apt title indeed as the stars and moon disappear into the lights of a city-scape and elements that provide eerie sense of foreboding. Not that this track is in any way malevolent, but the big city feel has been blended to a tee.

Potential Love Bug is a simple track completing the collection is glorious fashion. As an easy listeners delight, this track is sequenced masterfully because it reminds you of the simple and raw talent assembled in the band, musically and lyrically, along with the fact that the band leaves you hungry for more.

To hear this much talent, assembled together, young of age along with the benefit of experience, sound guidance and uninhibited musical passion, is tremendously exciting.  Nothing but good can come from this magnificent collaboration and we, the learned few, swelling daily in number and ardour, remain the beneficiaries.  Keep writing, keep producing and please keep recording.  Bravura.

You can get your copy of this album on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SinceTuesdayPortland