[LIVE REVIEW] Sebastian Bach @ Forum Theatre, Melbourne – 28/10/2017

Lock up your record collections, Sebastian Bach is here and he has come for our vinyl! With that warning in place and my records safely under lock and key I headed off for a night of metal mayhem that only Melbourne can deliver at the iconic Forum Theatre.

To get the night rolling was Sydney trio Gypsy, with many punters turning out early, they had a huge crowd welcoming them and they didn’t disappoint.

Giving us an action packed 45 minute set full of some kick arse tunes, together with a few covers that really got the rowdy crowd pumped.  Love Gun and You Got Another Thing Coming, perfect warm up fodder, mix that with some of their own, Leaving Home, Solstice and White Spirit to name a few.  These boys were energetic from start to finish with singer Tom Adams nailing every high note with ease.  Bass player James Squier and drummer Billy Gillette, fantastic. If you are looking for a new band to listen to, check these guys out, they are sure to get your party started.

With an illustrious career spanning decades Sebastian Bach is always welcomed with open arms in Australia. Tonight was no exception with the Forum floor packed so tight you would have needed a shoehorn to get another person into the capacity filled venue. The penultimate frontman Bach launched into his extensive catalogue, the fans going crazy when the opening notes of 18 and Life rang out, quickly taking over the vocals and leaving Bach speechless.  Followed by I Remember You, a song for all the lovers out there with Bach asking ‘how many of you listened to this in the back seat of your car!’  While it may have been 27 year since Skid Row played at Calder Park, it seems as if no time has passed with Bach’s voice sounding sensational, perhaps even better than it did way back when.

Bach’s fan interaction was awesome, he was frequently holding aloft peoples treasures that they had brought along with promises to autograph them after the show, ‘it will cost you $600’ he joked. Bras that were thrown on stage were hung on mic stands a classic metal concert at its best. He was even the mediator when a troublesome punter tried his luck with security down the front.

Big Guns and Sweet Little Sister both absolute crackers and followed closely by Piece of Me it was a killer trifecta that would keep any fan happy with just those three alone. But they just kept firing out the hits with American Metalhead, Monkey Business and Slave to the Grind whipping the loud crowd into a frenzy. Bach’s trademark microphone swinging in full flight, band members well aware as they ducked for cover to avoid losing an eye.

What a band Bach brought along with him on this tour, Brent Woods (Vince Neil Band) on guitar, on bass Rob DeLuca (UFO) and the kick arse drummer Bobby Jarzombek (Rob Halford Band), it was like being in the presence of rock royalty with them alone, it was a killer line up and they were faultless all night.

Bach’s adoration for Australian music ever present, with a few lines of Rose Tattoo ringing out and much talk of AC/DC and Bon Scott. A tribute to Dimebag Darrell was a perfect opening to sing In A Darkened Room which was one of Dimebag’s favourites, telling Bach ‘you gotta make more songs like this!’

We knew Youth Gone Wild was coming and wow was it good, it was worth the admittance for that song alone, Bach’s trademark vocals still on point right until the very end. With fists pumping and the chants of one more song, we were treated to a balls and all cover of TNT, an amazing way to finish up what was a brilliant night with this Australian music anthem.

As the hordes filed out, the floor looked like a wasteland of plastic cups and spilt drinks, while many will be nursing the mother of all hangovers tomorrow I am sure they would be lining up to do it all again. Happy vinyl hunting to Sebastian who is hitting up our best record stores tomorrow on his day off, but please leave some for us!

Review Contributed by Cassandra Hale