[LIVE REVIEW] Boney M @ Palais Theatre, Melbourne – 14/10/2017

Renovations are finished and St Kilda’s iconic Palais Theatre stands in pristine glory awaiting the hoards of disco tragics ready to shake their booties to seventies sensation Boney M. People watching was fascinating with afro’s a plenty and flares the fashion statement of the evening.  My view for the night was from the upstairs lounge, with lovely comfy chairs and plenty of leg room, the perfect podium for a night of disco dazzling.

Australia’s own disco party band Brooklyn’s Finest were the opener for night, they treated us to a forty minute set of disco themed tunes which were well received by the vocal crowd. They had a tight sound with a funky bass line and singers Brooklyn and Stellar harmonised well together.  If you are looking for a local night of disco check them out.

As the start time approached fans were getting restless clapping and yelling at the slightest movement on stage, but it wasn’t long to wait before the familiar opening bar of Sunny rang out and Boney M took to the stage. Founding member Maizie Williams looking flamboyant in a huge flowing feather ensemble together with her two female cohorts.  The trio de-robed soon after flaunting stunning sequinned dresses launching straight into Daddy Cool with the lead male vocalist strutting his stuff, with his dance moves off the charts. Hooray! Hooray! It’s a Holi-Holiday, Brown Girl In The Ring, Ma Baker, No Woman No Cry, the list goes on and on.  It was disco inferno of epic proportions, the fans up on their feet, dancing like no one was watching.

While there wasn’t much of a backdrop to the stage the lighting was quite sensational, but I did think it was lacking a disco ball.  Band introductions and solos were next up, giving the ladies some time for a costume change. They emerged in sparkly flared pants suits looking very chic.  We all love a sing-a-long so it was on to fan based singing competition, which ended in, you guessed it, a draw!

Stepping so easily back into the seventies tunes I was ready for Rasputin and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  In case you missed the memo he was Russia’s Greatest Love Machine! The energy from this sizzling outfit contagious, with those not standing shimmying in their seats not wanting it to end. We all knew they still had one in reserve and Rivers Of Babylon was it, what a spectacle it was, amazing from start to finish. Waves and thank-yous to the adoring crowd and they were gone.  Could they have one more in the tank? We can only hope so it was time to stomp our feet and cheer for one more song. Our screams were rewarded with the one and only Gotta Go Home. I am sure the younger generation will know this one as is was sampled by Duck Sauce in the chart topper Barbra Streisand.

Boney M’s funky tunes have made them extremely popular and if you didn’t catch the disco fever back in the seventies you would certainly be running a temperature after tonight’s show. I know I speak for all when I say, we came, we saw and we got down on it!

Review Contributed by Cassandra Hale