[LIVE REVIEW] Stone Sour w/ Bare Bones @ Festival Hall, Melbourne – 25/08/2017

When Festival Hall is your destination you know it’s going to be a night of old school rock at its finest, last night was no exception to that rule.

The crowd was quickly filing in as Bare Bones took to the stage.  Hailing from Sydney I was pleasantly surprised by their sound and their stage presence. They were a perfect warm up for the nights’ main attraction, and smashed out a 45 minute set.  It was evident they were comfortable playing to large crowds and they had some nice interaction between themselves, like the bass player choking the drummers cymbals during the opening song. Snake City, Strange Brew and Copper in The Cast were a few of the gems they gave us, with the bass player delivering some great dirty lyrics that mixed perfectly with the cleans. Their sound was punk/rock and they hit the mark perfectly.  I definitely recommend checking them out if you see them on the live circuit.

Over the break the crowd multiplied over and over, swiftly filling the floor to its limits. Anticipation was building loudly, the buzz was electric as we waited for Stone Sour and the one and only Corey Taylor.  As the lights dropped the sound was almost deafening, it was one of the loudest crowds I have heard for a long while. Clearly the fans have been biding their time waiting for this show and were not afraid to let it all out tonight.  The loudest screams were held for the exuberant front man Corey Taylor, as they launched into Taipei Person/Allah Tea, Made of Scars and Take A Number.

The energy was pulsing through the band to the audience giving a terrific fusion and a feeling of belonging, and while it may have only been for a few hours, it was so satisfying that you were there for the ride. Reborn was up next followed by Say You’ll haunt Me with a terrific intro of Walking On The Moon by The Police worked in. The set list was an awesome mix of old and new, with something to please even the harshest critic, 30/30-150, Bother and Tired the next to assault the senses. It is now that Melbourne marks another notch in its ever growing belt, with Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song is Dumb & So Am I) from the new album Hydrograd making its live debut. This sent the crowd into a frenzy with a small mosh picking up from time to time and even a few keen to surf across the top.

Animated and energetic, Corey Taylor really is the penultimate front man, his undying energy onstage is loved by all, when he wasn’t spraying the crowd with water and throwing bottles to them for souvenirs he was shooting confetti canons above them just to add to the experience.  Everyone fed off his crazy energy which made for quite the spectacle.  For one who is not often lost for words, Corey Taylor said Melbourne has rendered him speechless, and that he is going to ‘Savour the Flavour’ as it doesn’t happen very often.

Do Me A Favor, Blotter, Get Inside and the one everyone had been waiting for Song #3 rang out hitting dizzying heights, all being sung back to him with abandoned delight. The wait was worth it, with the hyped fans lapping it up as Through Glass rang out, a perfect sing-a long to see out the night.

It would be remiss of me to not mention the band, they were absolutely on point all night, drummer Roy Mayorga’s punchy sound amazing, Josh Rand, Johny Chow and Christian Martucci faultless, but with a Corey Taylor as your front man it really is hard to give them the attention they deserve.

Our screams for more were rewarded swiftly and they were back to give us three more, Gone Sovereign, Absolute Zero and my favorite of the night Fabuless. When you thought the crowd could not get any louder, Melbourne delivered as they always do, tearing the roof off Festival Hall as colourful sky-dancers blew up on stage and added another level of coolness to this show that just kept delivering song after song.

Another kick-arse show to add to the list and while they may be called Stone Sour this show was nothing but sweet!

Review Contributed by Cassandra Hale

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