[LIVE REVIEW] Fist Full Of Rock @ Forum Theater, Melbourne – 26/08/2017

Last night saw me at the iconic Forum Theatre in the heart of Melbourne, I was very impressed with the renovations since I was last there, it looks fresh without loosing any of its historical charm.  Melbourne is such a beautiful place, we should all feel very fortunate to visit the worlds ‘most liveable city ‘as often as we do.  So please have a read and have a laugh at my interpretation of a Fist Full of Rock live at The Forum.

Opening proceedings was Adalita,  I am sure many will know her from her Magic Dirt days, or from seeing her play around the traps.  She pumped out some terrific tunes with the help of her band that were all dressed in white for the occasion. She was rewarded with warm applause and was a great intro for Jebadiah who were next on the bill. Losing none of their tightness it was terrific to see Jebadiah back onstage and loving what they were doing.  They had many fans there happily singing along enjoying the live show. I was disappointed that they didn’t play Leaving Home, but what they did play they played well. The sound was great and they certainly kept the fans happy gauging by the cheers at the end of their quick thirty minute set.

The alcohol was flowing fast, although more seemed to be flowing on the floor than into the punters. Things were getting progressively messier as the vocal crowd pushed forward to get prime position for You Am I.

This was my first time seeing them so I had no preconceived ideas of how they would sound or perform, and I can say I was very pleasant surprised. They were absolutely fantastic, the sound quality was perfect, the musicianship was commendable and they were having the time of their lives. Tim Rogers amazing in his role as front man, his banter was hilarious and his gold boots rivalled anything Imelda Marcos would own. They worked there way through a solid one hour set delivering what everyone wanted, Junk, Get Up, Good Morning, Soldiers to name just a few.

Tim was quite emotional about having the band back together and his love for them and their music was evident in every song.  They belted out a cracker snippet of Black Knight by Deep Purple and a killer version of I Want You To Want Me by Cheap Trick, add to that Rumble and Berlin Chair to see out a very entertaining set complete with Tim smashing his guitar and one lucky fan claiming it as an awesome souvenir.  Even while dodging a mullet that would be happy in 1987 I managed to see enough to give me a new appreciation for You Am I and Tim Rogers, they were stand out and my favourite band of the night.


At this time I might make a side note directed at the couple on the barrier in front of me last night, we really didn’t need a birds eye view of your love for each other, you’re not 16 at the Blue Light Disco, next time get a room!

Headliners of the night were Hoodoo Gurus, the masters of Australian rock at its finest, known by all with a long string of hits a testament to their success. Dave and the crew took to the stage, as per usual looking like they had raided nana’s wardrobe on the way. Their style has never changed, with floral prints and psychedelics always in abundance, it just wouldn’t be the Hoodoo Gurus without it. They also had a one hour slot and a lot of songs to cram in over that short time. There was plenty for the die hards and also enough hits to keep a smile on everyone’s face.  The Right time, Death-Defying, Come Anytime, Bittersweet, 1000 Miles Away and Like Wow – Wipeout to name just a few saw out the initial set, but we were all pumped and wanted a few more. With that the boys were back to finish out the night with Miss Free Love ’69 and What’s My Scene.  While the gig ran over by about thirty minutes I don’t think anyone minded too much. It was money well spent and I don’t think one fan would have left disappointed.

As my boots stuck to the floor in the aftermath of many spilt drinks, and I took in the remains of the night I did not envy the cleaning crew for one minute.  They certainly had their work cut out for them to get things ship shape for the next gig.

It was a huge night of Australian music, making us all feel proud to live in this lucky country that we are fortunate enough to call home.  Now we can all eagerly await news of the next line up for Fist Full of Rock 2018, I know I can’t wait to do it all  again.


Review Contributed by Cassandra Hale

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