This September, Norwegian avant-garde astronauts ARCTURUS return to Australia for the first time in a decade

Featuring members past and present from legendary acts such as MAYHEM, COVENANT, ULVER, VED BUENS ENDE, BORKNAGAR, DIMMU BORGIR and more, ARCTURUS are a force like no other.
Fusing their Black and Progressive Metal in an Avant-Garde odyssey, they have created some of the most revered and memorable music to come out of their country.

Since forming in 1991, the band evolved gradually and distinctly, with each album a vital part of their genetic make-up. Their most recent release, 2015’s “Arcturian” is an epic creation, which was not only received with adoration by fans of the band, but ended up on numerous “Albums Of The Year” lists from pundits and reviewers alike.

2017 sees the band in Australia for only the second time ever, and the first time in 10 years.
An incredible, engaging and engrossing live act – they must be seen to be believed.

Joining them at all 4 shows, exclusively live for the first time in Australia, are incredible U.S Death Metal act BLOOD INCANTATION.
Forming in 2011 in Denver, Colorado BLOOD INCANTATION are one of the modern saviours of Death Metal. Playing a fresh brand of compelling and intense music, their 2016 full length “Starspawn” turned many heads, and won them unprecedented praise from across the globe.
Their inclusion on the ARCTURUS tour makes this run of shows even more unmissable.

Catch ARCTURUS and Blood Incantation this September:

ARCTURUS (Nor) + Blood Incantation (U.S) + Guests – Thurs Sept 14 – Max Watt’s, Melbourne
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ARCTURUS (Nor) + Blood Incantation (U.S) + Guests – Friday Sept 15 – Manning Bar, Sydney
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ARCTURUS (Nor) + Blood Incantation (U.S) + Guests – Saturday Sept 16 – The Gov, Adelaide
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ARCTURUS (Nor) + Blood Incantation (U.S) + Guests – Sunday Sept 17 – The Triffid, Brisbane
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