[LIVE REVIEW] Gavin DeGraw @ 170 Russell, Melbourne 05/07/2017

Review Jodi Marino

It may well have been a chilly winters evening in Melbourne, but when Gavin DeGraw hit the stage on Wednesday at 170 Russell, the temperature most definitely rose several degrees.

With a near capacity crowd packed in. it was a rather subdued atmosphere……that is until the house lights went down. Then there was an eruption of high pitched screams and squeals from the predominantly female audience.

Then, just as you think they can’t get any louder, out comes Gavin DeGraw, Billy Norris and Mike Baker and the noise becomes deafening.

The 40 year old New York native takes his place at the centrally positioned piano, and with a swift switch in the lighting, launches straight into ‘Chariot’ The crowd sing along in fine voice while appearing to be completely mesmerised by Gavin’s dulcet tones. Moving straight into ‘Making Love With the Radio On’, and ‘Crush/Nice to Meet You Anyway’ it was only then that he stopped to speak to the crowd and absorb the size of the audience, all smiling right back at him.

Another three songs in, and it is time for one of Gavin’s many tales, this one being about his decision and subsequent effort on writing a country and western song.


What does become apparent from the very beginning of the set was the passion with which this man sings, I mean we are talking serious goosebump material! It had fans staring starry eyed, and as he reaches down at times, to hold the hands of the devoted, almost serenading them and making it very clear of his love and appreciation of them.

And not only is Gavin a fabulously talented singer/songwriter and musician, but he is quite the funny man when retelling some of his quirky anecdotes along the way, having great delivery while keeping the tales all very relevant.

Performing a mix of old and new tunes, it was very touching to have Gavin thank some fans who had also been at the Brisbane show, for convincing him to reintroduce an older track into the set. They had been long time fans who also saw him when he was here last, about 13 years ago. At that point he vowed not to wait so long next time.

Packing in a mighty 21 songs into his set, the encore of ‘Dancing Shoes’ and ‘I Don’t Want To Be’ could only be described as amazing.

I can honestly say, that given I was one of the few in the room who did not know every word to every song, I came away feeling very satisfied, and wanting to listen to more. How could I have missed out on all this musical goodness for so long?

And much like Mr DeGraw himself, I will be back sooner rather than later to see him perform again.