Interview with Balloons Kill Babies

Hi my name is Dean and thank you for taking the time to chat to us here at Silver Tiger Media. How are you guys feeling about the reception from your new video / single release Illuzia? The Launch Show in Brisbane?

Hi Dean! The response so far has been great, the most common compliment we’ve received is people telling us they don’t normally get into instrumental music but something seemed to click with them when it came to Illuzia

Can you give us an insight to the naming of the band, Balloons Kill Babies?

Like the music the meaning can be whatever you want it to be, though to be a bit more specific it’s paying tribute to an unknown Brisbane graffiti artists work.

How would you describe the band to someone who isn’t already a fan?

We have quite an eclectic sound though the key theme is catharsis, some songs are heavy some are incredibly ambient. Each song is meant to be somewhat of a journey for the listener, sit back, strap yourself in and experience it.

You recently released a single Illuzia, what are the challenges of putting together a song like this?

Other than just nailing the more technical parts there weren’t many challenges, the song was pieced together fairly quickly, our new drummer Scott was able to bring a certain intensity to the track that really pushed us. We try to just work off each others energy in a fairly free-form way, it’s all about exorcising whatever emotion it is each member wants to release.

Your music video for Illuzia embodies, almost a dream like state, how did you manage to put together something like that?

That really all came down to the director Luke McClean and our lighting tech Beau Sharpe. They were able to create the right kind of vibe for the music. I think trying to take a step away from the camera and just focus on the movement and music felt a bit more natural to us than trying to get in peoples faces.

You have played with a lot of instrumental bands, what’s been some of the highlights?

Hazards of Swimming Naked would have to be one of my favourite instrumental acts we’ve played with as well as Majora. Both have a really interesting sound that I personally enjoy a lot.

 The album artwork for the single Illuzia is very unique what is the idea behind it?

We wanted something that had a similar feel to the music, we talked to our good friend Jack Tierney (from Listen To The Graphics) who we’ve worked with since Patches In The Sky and as always he nailed it. We gave him a list of feelings or “buzzwords” for what we thought the vibe of the record was and just asked him to listen to the music. Everything visual with BKB is meant to be an extension of the sound.

I noticed Illuzia is Hungarian for ‘Illusion’ is there a story behind this song name?

It means something different to everyone in the band. It’s important to us for the music to be the focal point.

What are some challenges you face with being an instrumental band?

It’s definitely a niche/smaller market compared to other forms of alternative music, some people find it hard to engage without a narrative in the form of lyrics which is fine. I think the flip side of the coin is that instrumental music allows the listener to find their own meaning and have their own incredibly personal experience, it’s always great watching the crowd when we perform, one person might be jumping around and headbanging and the person next to them has their eyes closed, swaying side to side.

Thanks for your time again, and we hope to catch more of Balloons Kill Babies real soon!