Interview with Stu (The Playbook)

G ‘Day Stu Lauren here from Silver tiger Media here thank you so much for taking the time out to answer a few questions.

Hey Lauren! Thanks for sending through the questions! 🙂

You have recently released the video clip for your single Reach what was the process you guys took in creating this clip?

We had previously worked with Sean (director) and Stephen (DOP) when Sean asked us to feature in a documentary he was making about the Melbourne music scene and our then new line-up change. We really liked the way he put it together, so we asked him if he would direct the video for Reach. We met up for a brainstorming session and somehow came up with the concept for the clip. I love the way it’s turned out. It’s kind of got that squeaky clean, but something’s-not-right vibe.

What was the reaction from the fans when it was first released?

I think the reaction was very positive! People seemed to dig the song, and the clip has had a really big reaction on our social media pages. Heaps of people sharing the clip and tagging their mates, so that’s been awesome!

You have just played the Sydney and Melbourne shows and head of the finish up the tour on the 5th in Bris how has the tour been so far?

The tour has been really great so far. The Sydney show was one of the most fun shows we’ve ever played. There were stage dives, circle pits, human pyramids, large amounts of people jumping on stage to be serenaded and inflatable beach balls flying everywhere. We also learnt about a newly invented “shark mosh”, where you make a shark fin on your back with your hand and run around in a circle hahaha. Everyone just got involved and made it such a fun show.

And how has this tour been compared to others you have done?

Well, this is only a small tour, just to kick off the first release from our debut full length album, “All I Am Is What You Left Behind” which is due for release later this year. We’re planning to do a huge tour when the album is released, so we’re keeping the single tours a bit smaller. We’re also hoping to do our first international tour early next year, so we have to save up some money before then!

Do you have a preferred crowd or crowd reaction?

Well, any crowd participation is awesome. We try to involve our audiences as much as possible, because we know when we watch our favourite bands play, the most memorable shows have been the ones where they involve the crowd, creating a sense of community and fun. Gigs are one of the only places where you can forget the rest of the world and connect with the bands on stage, whether that’s getting right up the front and stealing the mic from the singer, or watching from afar and taking in the whole thing.

You were responsible for the producing recording and mixing of the album so what was the most challenging part in creating the album?

The most challenging part was actually getting time with each of the members to dedicate to recording. We all work full time, except Jenkins, who studies full time and works part time, so it actually can be quite difficult to allocate time when we’re all busy. We had to forfeit band practice most weeks while recording, because we knew that was the one night we were always free.

What was the inspiration behind the lyrics of Reach?

Reach is about thinking that you would have someone in your life forever. A person that you thought was integral to your existence, and the struggles that come with letting go of that person.

You have been rather lucky to share the stage with some rather big names such as Real friends the story so far, man overboard is there anyone in particular you would love to play with in the near future?

We feel extremely grateful for all of the bands we have been able to support. I think every time a promoter asks us if we would like to jump on a line-up, we get super pumped, because we’re just 5 people playing music that we love, and trying to have a good time while doing it. I mean, the bands that stand out that would be a dream to share the stage with are the bands that have influenced us growing up like New Found Glory and Blink-182, but again, we’re just grateful to be able to jump on stage and play in front of people.

Who are your major influences?

I think the cool thing about our band is that while we all grew up listening to punk rock, our influences differ really vastly with each member. Myself (along with most punk drummers) look up to Travis Barker from Blink-182 and Brooks Wackerman from Bad Religion. Music wise, my favorite bands at the moment are Death Cab For Cutie and Jimmy Eat World. And as a producer I love the sounds that come out of The Blasting Room and a lot of John Feldmann’s earlier stuff.

What is your favorite part about witting new music?

I’m a big fan of collaboration. I love that everyone has different influences and playing/writing styles. I think if everyone liked exactly the same music, that wouldn’t allow you to write anything new. So when it comes to writing, we try and draw inspiration from our favourite bands, while bringing our own writing styles into the mix. Sometimes we will jam out a song at band practice, or sometimes I’ll have a whole drum track written out and get the boys to write their guitar parts over the top. It’s different every time and I love that.

You can catch these guys one last time for this tour in Brisbane at THE FOUNDRY on this weekend (August 5)