[Album Review] Alice Cooper – Paranormal

Alice Cooper fans rejoice, he is back with his new album Paranormal and it is an absolute killer! The wait has been long, six years in fact, but after hearing what this album delivers I am sure you can forgive him the lengthy intermission.

Paranormal gives us two discs, the first ten tracks encompass the master of ‘Shock Rock’ at his absolute finest, disc two ‘got the band back together’ so to speak, with the original Alice Cooper Band playing on 2 dynamic tracks followed by six live tracks with Alice doing what he does so well, perform live!

The Master Bob Ezrin is also back at the helm producing, something he is no stranger to, collaborating on many Alice Cooper albums. Paranormal also has some special guests which may surprise you, U2’s Larry Mullen Jr, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Deep Purple’s Roger Glover. Not at all what you would expect and I believe it is why they work so well.

Opening track Paranormal drops you straight back to old school Cooper, the opening lyrics draw you in immediately and take you on a journey through this wonderfully crafted opener with a killer solo and some terrific tempo changes that really keep you guessing exactly where the song is heading. Dead Flies is short but sweet, with quite a few tracks being short on time but definitely not short on content. It has a distinctive funky groove that has you shimmying before you even know you are doing it! Fireball is like stepping back in time, it has a fantastic vintage feel of classic Cooper with an awesome riff that works extremely well with the lowered vocals, a definite winner.

The first single Paranoiac Personality has tangled lyrics that only Cooper can write, and certainly only he can sing, match this with the perfect guitars and you have a ripper track that packs a huge punch. Fallen In Love is a great bluesy track with lyrics like, ‘I’ve fallen in love and I can’t get up” just what you would expect from Alice.

Dynamite Road is another quick one but with a blistering solo and awesome beat throughout you can’t help but sing a long. This is followed by Private Public Breakdown with more of those masterfully twisted lyrics. Holy Water is quite evangelistic, accompanied by back up singers and a brass section that gives you a swing feel, it’s very quirky, and gets your feet tapping. Rats is a fabulous rock and roll track, and follows on brilliantly from Holy Water, they mesh extremely well together. The Sound of A is the perfect closer to disc one, it’s mellow, it’s slow and it works well. There has been a lot of thought as to the track listing and it flows perfectly.

The two tracks with the original Alice Cooper Band, Genuine American Girl and You and All of Your Friends have a independent sound to disc one but not lesser by any means, just different. Both have great rock beats and if this is what is produced by getting back together I look forward to what the future might hold.

Six live tracks finish out this double disc delight, anyone who has seen Alice live knows just how good he is, and as expected they are all flawless. Alice Cooper is the consummate music professional and Paranormal doesn’t just hit it for six, it knocks it way out of the park!

Contributed by Cassandra Hale

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