Nick Barker’s THE HEARTACHE STATE announces new album + shows



Melbourne band, The Heartache State, fronted by Nick Barker, are set to release their brand new album, Last of the Buffalo on September 1 via independent rock label, Golden Robot Records, available to pre-order now, with the first single, Honey Slide, out today.

In a 70s-centric approach to recording, The Heartache State, made up of band members Nick Barker, Justin Garner, Venom, and Michael Hubbard, swapped ideas back and forth, went into the studio without any arrangements or real format for the songs they arrived with, jammed them into shape and, bang, a new LP! Produced by Shane O’Mara at Yikesville Studios, Last of the Buffalo, was a bucket list project for the band – to record an album without a net. The results are brilliant. The majority of the songs were written by Nick Barker, with Justin Garner also contributing, and Tim Rogers penning the title track.

This is the second Heartache State album. It really feels like a band now, loose but with a lot of spirit. Making it was easy and fun, and that’s what playing music was always supposed to be…we love the bloody thing!!!” – The Heartache State, July 2017

Track Listing
01 Honey Slide
02 Swallow Your Pride
03 Give Me Back My Aerosmith 33’s
04 Last of the Buffalo
05 Running for So Long
06 Tigers
07 Airstrike
08 I Ain’t Complaining
09 Clouds
10 Calm Me Down

The first single to be lifted from the album, Honey Slide, was written by Nick Barker in a Perth hotel. With the guitar riff stuck in his head, he recorded it onto his phone and then promptly forgot about it. That was, until he sat down with the rest of the band to have a think about songs for their new album. The first track recorded, it went down so naturally, it was basically complete on first take. It’s a song about fame gained quickly by a young band (maybe siblings) and the effect on their relationship, ego, and the trappings and pitfalls of sudden popularity.

With the new single out and album around the corner, The Heartache State have also announced their album launch will be in Brisbane on September 2 with shows to follow in Adelaide, Sydney, and their hometown of Melbourne in October.

SEP 2 | Brisbane | Stones Corner Hotel
OCT 7 | Adelaide | Grace Emily Hotel
OCT 13 | Sydney | The Hideaway Bar (Enmore)
OCT 22 | Melbourne | The Caravan Club

Last of the Buffalo is available to pre-order via all digital & streaming platforms,
Sanity, JB Hi-Fi & SFR Store! Link below.

Vinyl coming soon!

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