Circa Survive Announce New Full Length Album “The Amulet”


Very few bands in alternative rock can claim to be as adventurous as Circa Survive, and now the Doylestown, Pennsylvania band is back to explore brand new territory with their sixth full-length, The Amulet, due out September 22nd via Hopeless Records. To celebrate the album’s announcement the band has shared their imaginative new music video for its first single, “Lustration.”

“Lustration” and its accompanying visual are perfect examples of Circa Survive‘s ability to blend massively ambitious sounds and ideas with an immediacy rarely found in music this unabashedly progressive. In 2017, when unconventional guitar music has been somewhat relegated back to the underground, Circa Survive still trades in big intricate riffs and even bigger concepts, daring to find the balance between grand scope and accessibility.

The Amulet finds vocalist Anthony Green taking a dynamic approach to his penchant for high concepts. The album revolves around parallels between immense and cataclysmic themes like the ending of the world or our turbulent political climate, and the highly intimate struggles of interpersonal relationships. This dichotomy of scale finds common ground in the idea that only although facing hard truths head on can be painful, it’s the only way to reach any kind of catharsis. Green elaborated saying, “when we were writing ‘Lustration’ there was an immediate feeling that it needed to be the first song on the album and the first song that people heard. It centers the album around the themes of life, death, and rebirth, and we wanted the video and artwork to carry that theme as well. The band has changed a lot, our personal lives have changed a lot, and the video sort of symbolizes those changes you go through—as a band, as a person, in relationships—that necessary struggle you experience when you’re trying to embrace something new.”

The Amulet is due out September 22nd via Hopeless Records.