[LIVE REVIEW] Killing Heidi @ 170 Russell, Melbourne 10/06/2017

Review Jodi Marino

For a lot of bands, the idea of a 20 year reunion after a 10 year hiatus, may be a little daunting. But, when you consider that Killing Heidi started when siblings Jesse and Ella Hooper were only 15 and 13 respectively, it is a reunion promising to deliver anything but old musos who have long passed their use by date.

In 1996 it was their entry innto Triple J’s Unearthed competition with the song Kettle that got them not just airplay but put them on many radars, with studio time and a debut album to ensue shortly after.

And so Reflector was born and the rest they say, is history.

So, at 34, you would expect Ella to hit the stage with grace and maturity, however instead we were treated to a super energized Ella, clad in a skin-tight sexy bodysuit which left little to the imagination and probably stirred up some envy amongst the crowd of mostly 30-50 year olds. Looking spectacular and much more akin to her 15 year old self than her current age. And whilst Jesse no longer sports the bright fire red hair, he still has the distinctive guitar prowess of days gone by.

Opening with Calm Down, the crowd who were riddled with excitement and anticipation, did the polar opposite. Keeping the energy and vibe going they went straight into I Am and Outside of Me, and it was clear that the real fans had never really gone anywhere, they had just lie dormant for a while. Tonight though, they rose and were out in force.




A change of tempo mid-set with an acoustic break, with James Gilligan (bassist) taking up duties on violin instead.

Then for something different, Want Everything, a song by The Verses, the band Jesse and Ella formed after the first incarnation of Killing Heidi disbanded. Following on from this was Monkey Mind which was a song Ella did as a solo release.

It was then that time in the set where we were taken back to what could best be described as the bands heyday.

While the majority of the crowd has been singing along through the whole set so far, now the entire room joined in  and were vocally ready to lift the roof on their best known songs, Mascara and Weir.

Ella and Jesse both reiterated over and again at how much they were blown away to have sold out what they referred to as their home town show, and the smiles on band and fans alike indicated complete success of this reunion show.

A brief stage exit, and they returned for a quick 2 song encore, but not before drummer, Adam Pedretti (now playing with Melbourne’s own Cicadastone ), took to the mic to express his utmost gratitude for the fantastic reception they had been given.

All in all, I would say it has been a successful reunion, and who knows, it could well pave the way for a new Killing Heidi project……or at least we could hope!.