[LIVE REVIEW] Body Count w/ Special Guests@ Margaret Court Arena 02/6/2017

Review Cassandra Hale

The police presence was heavy as I made my way to Margaret Court Arena for a night with Body Count. Little did I know then that by the nights’ end I would be calling them the POLice along with everyone else who turned out for this killer show. After a bag check and a full body ‘wanding,’ it was off to check it out. With only GA tickets on offer I was unsure if there would be any seats but luckily enough there was a small section left uncovered for those who didn’t want to venture on the floor.

Opening act Void of Vision are a young Australian band which broke the Melbourne music seen in 2013.  I was quietly wondering if the singer got lost on the way to the gym, but clearly, comfort is his thing and active wear is his go to gig choice. They performed a solid 30-minute metalcore set, and while the audience was small it was enthusiastic. If they keep getting opening gigs to the bands like Body Count their future is definitely looking bright.

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Second on the stage were A.B.Original who gave us a 30-minute hip-hop set.  This Australian duo was armed only with their microphones and a turntable which is a little different than I am used to, but not necessarily a bad thing if hip-hop is your genre of choice. The crowd had swelled considerably during their set and they seemed to be down with the whole hip hop thing.

The demographic was not even close to what I expected with the majority being middle aged folk just like me, making me feel right at home. The transition between bands was smooth and short just as you want it, and before we knew it, it was time for Body Count.

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It has been twenty long years since Body Count have graced out shores, so the question has to be asked, was it worth the wait?  Hell yes, it was worth the wait, every ‘mother fucking’ minute! Now if you are easily offended, please stop reading now as this review just can’t be written without using explicit language.

Flashing red and blues lights, sirens and police radio reports saw the packed out floor go absolutely crazy as Raining Blood/Postmortem got the show underway.

The songs flying thick and fast, Bowels of the Devil, Manslaughter and crowd favorite There Goes the Neighbourhood played to endless crowd surfing and moshing, security sure had their work cut out for them. Ice T is a fabulous frontman, the masses hanging on his every word. After introducing the band and some more chat on life matters, we found that Ice T has a new name, Ice Mother Fucking T Bitches”, he owned the stage and nothing was off limits. I don’t think I have ever heard as many ‘mother fuckers’, ‘fucks’ or ‘fuck youse’ but it wasn’t offensive, it fitted the show and the music and at the end of the day its Ice T mother fuckers so suck it up and enjoy the show!

No Lives Matter, Body Count, Black Hoodie and Drive By now that’s four songs that set Margaret Court on fire, the crowd were whipped into a frenzy with some pit action and hundreds of hot sweaty moshers. Voodoo, KKK Bitch they just kept coming. An awesome mix of old and new songs to keep any fan happy for the twenty-year wait to see them live. Credit to the band, they were faultless, a professional unit that was evident in every song they played. Even quickly pulling up Ice T when he almost skipped a song.  A perfect drum solo is thrown in, which was just the right length, no self-indulgence just a good hard skin bashing.

Ice T returned to the stage wearing a balaclava and it was obvious that The Ski Mask Way was up next, followed by my favourite of the night Talk Shit, Get Shot, what a killer, the crowd became unhinged much to Ice T’s delight, he kept saying ‘get crazy’ and wow, the Melbourne fans did not disappoint. Cop Killer rang out and the irony of Ice T playing a cop for the last 14 years on television was not lost, he even said ‘we only kill the bad cops’!! The fans loved it chanting back ‘Fuck the POLice ‘ with middle fingers up to drum home their statement.

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Time for a virtual encore, which seems to be the way of the world these days, so we all pretend the band leaves the stage, we chant ‘Body Count’, ‘Body Count’, they turn around and off we go with the encore. You know what, it really works and saves time and hassles all around.  A cover of The Exploited’s Disorder was the first of three for the encore, followed by Born Dead and This Is Why We Ride, it was now that we got some insight from Ice T into revenge killings and why they happen, a bit of an eye opener that’s for sure.

Thanks and waves goodbye see out this amazing show, everyone is spent with not one ounce of energy left in the tank, just how you should feel after a really intense gig.  But if I asked the question, would you do it all again? I know the answer would be ‘in a heart beat Mother Fucker!