(LC) Let me start off by saying the album totally blew me away. Awesome stuff guys, congratulations.

Between Rage and Serenity is about to be dropped on the masses, how has the response been by everyone so far? Excited?

Firstly thank you very much for the kind words, we’re all really glad you enjoyed the album so much! The response so far has been overwhelming. We have received overloads of messages and emails with so much positivity and praise for the album which really means a lot to all of us. We’ve definitely felt the love and are glad people are really enjoying what we put so much time, effort and so much of ourselves into. 

What was the process that you went through to write this album?

It has been a truly long and arduous process which dates back to rough demo recordings as far back as 2014! But releasing an album has always been a goal for us since our inception as a band. Once we got some ideas and themes we wanted to present we started recording ideas and developed them over and over again until we were 100% satisfied with how they sounded. These changes even continued throughout the recording process. We weren’t sure what the best way to go about writing an album was but we knew we wanted to release something we were completely happy with and incredibly proud of. We feel BRAS (Between Rage And Serenity) is exactly that. 

How did you come up with the album title?

The album title gives our music the description we feel best suits us. We consider ourselves a very diverse and unique band in that we can have intensity and brutality in our music as well as subtlety and tranquility. These features we found were best described as Rage and Serenity, and throughout the album, we discover everything in between that. 

How much time was spent in the studio between the recording process and writing process? 

A lot. Put it this way, we not only scratched dozens of ideas and songs but the completed songs barely sound like the original demo versions. For us, the writing process was consistently in place even after the core of the song was set. We’d go over and over parts, getting in arguments and sometimes getting close to giving up but putting that emphasis on perfection we definitely got the best out of everyone in the band and the final product is more than we could have imagined at the start. 

Is there a track on the album that is your personal favourite?

It honestly changes all the time. Every song has something I love about it and each time I listen my favourite is something different. At this present moment, Phantasm and Azalea are my picks. 

The album artwork is amazing could you explain a little about it to us?

It kind of happened by accident. We were on set of our film clip for Phantasm and we had these demonic characters dressed in black with masks on and we got a few snaps of them for promo and the like but as soon as we saw the images we thought to ourselves these are incredibly raw and emotive, so decided why not use them for the album artwork. It definitely wasn’t the original idea for the artwork but it just stuck and we are stoked with how it came out. 

What does the release of this album mean to you?

For all of us releasing an album has been a life goal as musicians. It’s not only our proudest moment but our most defining to date. Growing up as a kid playing your instrument you get attached to certain albums and you dream of being the one who has that album and this has now become a reality. It’s an insane sensation of accomplishment and satisfaction that is shared across all 5 members. 

Is there a track on the album you are most excited to play live?

To be honest the most exciting thing is being able to play all our new songs and play a longer, more polished set. But looking at each track individually Azalea is a personal favourite to play, in particular, the outro which has this energy and intensity that brings out some raw emotion in me that feels incredible. I just can’t help playing it with this untamed aggression and ferocity, but it feels great. 

Was there a track that was more fun to write and record over the others? 

I wouldn’t necessarily say fun, but a couple that was a bit more spontaneous in the way they came together. I can still remember the day we first jammed Phantasm. It started with that simple guitar lick and we had one unbelievable jam in which we created the base of the song. I’m almost certain that will never happen again, but it was truly magical in how it was created. 

Who’s somebody you would like to share the stage with this year?

Geez, where do I start! We’ve been lucky to grace the stage alongside some absolutely phenomenal bands over the years. But I think on the top of our list would be Muse, Bring Me The Horizon, Linkin Park, Circa Survive, 30 Seconds To Mars, Dance Gavin Dance and Saosin just to name a few.