OUT TODAY: DEAFCULT’s (Brisbane) long awaited debut album ‘Auras ‘ 

"a god-damn revelation" (9/10) – Hysteria Magazine

"After a while, everything starts to fade away and you’re left floating inside someone else’s dream." (4/5 stars) – The Music

"this isn’t so much a record as it is a soundtrack… the deeper you dive into ‘Auras‘, the more familiar the sonic scenery becomes." (85/100) – Kill Your Stereo

‘Summertime’ – A Rotation on FBi Radio
‘Rubix’ – Added to playlist on Double J
‘Summetime’ – #3 on 4ZZZ Top 20
#1 DKFM Shoegaze Charts

+ Touring this July / August +

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Deafcult 2017 // photo credit Sally Shadbolt
Brisbane-based shoegaze band DEAFCULT are thrilled to release their long-awaited debut album Auras today via Hobbledehoy. Led by the singles ‘Rubix’ and ‘Summertime’, Auras is a record about dreams: the ghosts of people, the places and situations from the past that haunt your dreams (or stop you from having them all together). It reflects on romanticised memories as a disaffected teenager in the suburbs, tales of love, drugs, death, and the overwhelming feeling of finding yourself but still feeling completely lost.

The 12 songs that make up Auras are wrapped in noisy guitars, blunted drums, fuzzed-out synth and soaring vocals. While it sounds abrasive on paper, there is an overwhelming sense of gentleness to Deafcult’s music that you find calm in, even when they push past the boundaries of abstraction – even when you find yourself deep in Auras’ most distorted moments.

Deafcult - Summertime (Official)
WATCH: Deafcult – ‘Summertime’
Formed in in 2015, the members of DEAFCULT came together after playing in much-loved Brisbane bands The Gifthorse, Nuclear Summer and Roku Music. Following the release of their self-titled debut EP in 2015, they scored the standing of Independent Artist of the Week on FBi Radio, with Happy noting “a rawness to their sound that is reminiscent of the early days of Sonic Youth.”

Having moved through personnel changes, the sextet have now solidified their line-up, consisting of Innez Tulloch (Vocals, guitars), Stevie Scott (Vocals, guitars, synth), Kelly Hanlon (Guitars), Matt Bach (Guitars), Allan McGregor (Bass) and Nathan Crust (Drums), and have joined forces with Adelaide label Hobbledehoy (Crusch, Sophie Hutchings, This Will Destroy You) to release their debut album this month.

out today via Hobbledehoy Records
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Auras tracklist:
1. Lemonade Beauty
2. Secret Wisdom
3. Summertime
4. Sparkle
5. Auras
6. Indigo Children
7. Stars Collide
8. Rubix
9. Echoes
10. Judy
11. Urusai
12. Here Be Death
Auras Album Tour – July / August 2017
Tickets on the door for all shows

Saturday July 15 – Crown and Anchor, Adelaide
w. Horror My Friend, Blush Response and Pony Tail Kink

Sunday July 16 – John Curtin, Melbourne
w. White Walls, Lowtide and TV Haze | tickets on sale from the venue

Friday July 21 – The Brightside, Brisbane
w. Pleasure Symbols, Ultra Material, Spirit Bunny and Tall Pines DJs

Friday August 4 – Red Rattler, Sydney
w. Sounds Like Sunset, Skullsquadron and Egoism

Saturday August 5 – The Hamilton Hotel, Newcastle
w. Safe Hands, Jen Buxton & The Slaughterhouse Five, Obat Batuk and Post Truth

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