Interview with Eddie Berg (Imminence)

Sweden’s Imminence released their new album ‘This Is Goodbye’ on 31st March.

Lauren had a great chat with Eddie Berg about 2-year long writing and recording process.

G’day Eddie, Lauren from Silver Tiger Media here. Thank you so much for taking the time to have a chat today.

Hey Lauren, no worries, it’s my pleasure.

Your latest album took 2 years in the making to put together filled with those Ne/emo roots packed with some strong rock tracks. What were some of the influences that helped in creating this album?

Some of the influences have been Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds To Mars, In Flames, Bring Me The Horizon, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, U2 and more. 

How has the response been so far, from the fans who have waited the two years to finally now have it in their hands?

We feel that there has been a lot of great response to the new sound. Of course, it was inevitable that our old fan base would split, but I think that the majority of our fans like us for our diversity and the way we put our emotions into our music, which definitely did not change with the new album.

Is there a track on the album for you that was more enjoyable to record or even write over some of the others?

For me, ’Up’ was the most fun to write and record. The song actually wasn’t in the original pre-production tracklist. When we were recording vocals, there was one of the instrumentals that we were not completely happy with. So we just decided to not settle for anything less and started to write a new song (Up). Harald had this really good riff/chorus idea which really got me going. We sat down together and basically wrote the whole song in about two days. It was the most fun in many ways because it was one of those songs we just went crazy with. The song structure, the electronics, melodies. Everything in that song is just creative freedom. It is also the song on the album that has the most positive meaning delivered with some attitude. Compared to the theme of the other songs, it kind of reflects the meaning of the feeling after you move on with something in your life.

Two years is a long time to spend in the studio what did you do to keep your self’s motivated and entertained between recording and the writing process?

The writing process stretched for about two years, but it didn’t stop when we entered the studio. We kept changing things up all the way until the end. And the studio recording went on over the course of five months, because of touring/festivals coming in the way.

I guess we get our inspiration and motivation from this totally uncontrollable fire that rages inside of us. I think everyone in the band is blindly and aggressively doing everything we can to pursue our dreams of a musical life.

Going into it, had you set aside the entire two years to make the album or was it more of a take each day as it comes approach?

One day at a time. We made a choice, to write the sound of our current state, no matter how long it would take.

I must say I really love the album artwork is there a story behind it?

Really glad you like it! We worked with our old friend and graphic designer/photographer Jakob Koc who has been with the band for many years now. I always felt like he had a unique style that really attracted me. I was totally convinced that he would be the right person to develop the new image and rebranding that needed to be made to reflect the new sound. We wanted something timeless, clean and iconic that perfectly embodied the spirit of the new album. The result, the bird, resembles the theme of the lyrics; the prowess of leaving something behind in order to make room for something else in your life. It symbolizes the sacrifices that we make for our ambitions and emotions.

What track are you most looking forward to playing live?

I really looked forward to playing ’Up’, which we’ve been doing on the tour we’re currently on. But one song I would love to play live is actually ’Desert Place’.

You have signed to Arising Records, how has that made everyone feel in the band to now have them behind you?

Worth mentioning is that we’ve also signed to Sharptone Records in the US. I think it’s made us feel really comfortable to have such an experienced team in our back believing in our new album.

What’s your writing process?

Writing ’This Is Goodbye’ was like a full-time job. Me and Harald (guitarist) were the main composers of the album while I also wrote all the lyrics. We wrote the songs in our studio/rehearsal and would sometimes come in early in the morning and stay until 2-3am. We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner in front of the computer and drank massive amounts of coffee. The ventilation actually shut down at 10 pm, making us breathe in the same air for several hours, haha, but nothing would stop us from writing this record.

What do you feel has been the biggest achievement for you guys since starting, to where you guys are today? 

To be honest, ’This Is Goodbye’.

For people who don’t know who you guys are in Australia how would you describe yourselves?

An emotional bomb packed in an arena-rock anthem with a metal backdrop fused with electronic elements and heartfelt vocals.

Is there a place/stage you would like to play most that you haven’t already had the chance to yet?

We really want to go overseas, Australia, Japan, and USA would be amazing, but we’re very eager to visit all the places we’ve never been before.