Interview with Devin Townsend (Devin Townsend Project)

Devin Townsend Project is obviously the brainchild of front-man Devin Townsend – who released new album TRANSCENDENCE in September 2016.

Casper had a chat with Devin about TRANSCENDENCE, and the upcoming tour in May



It seems Australia and New Zealand can’t get enough of Hevy Devy. Melbourne’s 170 Russell Show on 24th May has completely SOLD OUT and a second show at the same venue has now been announced for Tuesday the 23rd May.

Tickets for the additional show are now on sale at

Post-Rock/Prog legends sleepmakeswaves will be taking the stage with DTP on the whole tour – and they will have their new album “Made of Breath Only” out in time for the tour. New single Tundra is already a triple j favourite and the shows promise to be an epic one-two punch of prog goodness.

Devin Townsend Project is obviously the brainchild of frontman Devin Townsend – who released new album TRANSCENDENCE in September 2016. To celebrate the success of the album, they are returning to Australia and New Zealand in May 2017, presented by MJR Presents. The album was the first ARIA charting album for Devin Townsend Project, coming in at #10 in its first week in the charts – all the more reason to celebrate!

Devin Townsend Project - Stormbending

Previously here in 2015 on a string of sold-out shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne – this time Perth and Auckland (NZ) are getting some HevyDevy love. The guitar virtuoso is one of the most celebrated singer/songwriter/guitarists in heavy music and Devin Townsend Projects’ live show never fails to satisfy and amaze.

Over the course of Devin Townsend’s storied career, a single constant has persevered: change. As far back as Steve Vai’s Sex & Religion, which Townsend fronted, to 2001’s landmark full-length Terria to the multi-instrumentalist’s country rock outfit Casualties of Cool to his stunning new album Transcendence, the Canadian isn’t too interested in keeping an even musical keel. To stay the proverbial course is, well, anathema. For certain, he’s far too impatient to write the same Strapping Young Lad song over and over—which is why he folded the band in 2007—and it’s likely there will never be a fourth or fifth Ziltoid album (a third if we’re lucky) because by that point he’ll be in a totally different frame of mind for galactic puppets gone awry.

Tickets for Devin Townsend Project’s Australia/New Zealand Tour in May 2017 including the added Melbourne show on May 23rd are now