Interview with Alex Wilson (sleepmakeswaves)

Post-rock trailblazers sleepmakeswaves have announced a massive start to 2017 with the news that their third album “Made of Breath only” will be released Friday March 24th through Bird’s Robe Records, followed by a headline tour of Australia during March and April.

Lauren had a great chat with Bassist Alex regarding what to expect and the inspiration behind the album. 

(LC) G’day Alex it’s so great to speak to you thanks so much for taking the time to have a chat with today.

No worries man.

Your album is set for release in just a few weeks how has the response been so far about the news?

People are getting excited about hearing the full album. Was stoked when we premiered the first song “Tundra” and people were really into it. We’re hard on ourselves with songwriting and sometimes you need the fans to tell you a good job was done.

How long did you spend in the studio working on the album?

About two weeks. But before that it was a really solid year of writing and demoing songs. The studio recording is the easy part. Getting the riffs and arrangements right is where the real work happens.

Are you pleased with the final outcome?

Yeah, overall I am. The album has an atmosphere and feels more than just a collection of songs. But I’m a perfectionist and I’m never 100% happy with every minor detail. I think that’s normal for a lot of musos.

What kind of ‘sound’, did you have in the back of your mind, prior to entering the studio?

We wanted to keep the up tempo energy of our previous album Love of Cartography, but have a different emotion to it. We wanted the album to be darker, with fatter riffs. I think we got there in the end.

Your music is instrumental; can you describe what you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

I don’t really mind specifically what people feel. If listening to our music brings up a feeling, emotion or memory that matters for someone, I think we’ve done our job right.

Is there a track that you most look forward to the fans hearing?

There’s a track called “Midnight Sun” that I really like, and I think it will hit the spot for a lot of our fans.

You guys head out on tour again very soon where are you most looking forward to playing?

We’re doing our first shows for the album in China this March. Couldn’t be more excited. One of my favourite places in the world to be and play music.  After that will be Australia in March, April & May, then hopefully lots more to come.

Your music sounds like it belongs in a Video game if you ever got asked to make music for a game what kind of game would you want it to be?

Maybe a game where the world is ending, but there’s still hope? I’m actually working on music for a video game on my own time. It’s called Retro Vision, it’s an 80s-themed mobile game with an old-school electronic soundtrack.

You guys have played in some amazing places and had some amazing experiences what is one of the stand -outs for you?

I really enjoyed doing a bus tour in America in 2016. It’s a diverse and fascinating country I’d wanted to explore for a while and doing it from the road was a tremendous experience. The people, the sights and the food are amazing.

Are there any cities that have just been filled with crowds that just fed you energy that are a big stand out for you?

Every place has a unique and special vibe, but I will say that Polish people have a real passion for instrumental rock and I always look forward to a show in Warsaw.

What is your favourite pedal or piece of equipment you like using the most?

I play a weird 5-string bass with a wonky fretboard called a Dingwall Combustion. It looks really cool and sounds amazing. It does exactly what I need and I love having it under my hands.

What have been the best experiences you have had since being in the band?

Getting to make records I’m proud of and are meaningful to people.


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