“THE LAST TIME” with Dino Vidovich of Sages

THE LAST TIME I thought “I am in trouble now”

I would have to say it was last St. Patrick’s Day when a park ranger rolled up on a friend and I
smoking a joint at the river. I was like oh, great.. we’re getting hemmed up.. But the ranger was
cool! He didn’t care at all. He even hung out with us for a while and was just happy we weren’t
out there drinking and causing problems. Hats off to that guy.

THE LAST TIME I was star struck

When I met Frank Hannon from Tesla for the first time a couple years ago. I’ve always been a
huge fan, but never managed to cross paths with him until recently. He actually invited Sages to
his home studio not long after that to record a song with him. It was a pretty surreal experience!

THE LAST TIME I swore at the TV.

I’d have to say it was the last time I turned on the news.

THE LAST SONG I listened to

“India” by John McLaughlin & Shakti

THE LAST TIME I wore a fancy dress


THE LAST TIME I punched a bandmate

Fortunately, we’re all pretty chill dudes so no one has gotten socked yet. We’ll see what happens when we get on the road though, haha.


A bowl of oatmeal and some egg whites, haha, breakfast of champions.

THE LAST TIME I Signed a body part

Man, the last body part I can recall signing was some old lady’s boob out in the midwest somewhere. Good times.

THE LAST THING I do before hitting the stage

Drink a bottle of water and wash it down with a shot of whiskey.

THE LAST TIME I said “this is the last time”

The last time I got drunk.