Interview with Eddie Hermida (Suicide Silence)

On their fifth and arguably most important album, Chris Garza (guitar), Mark Heylmun (guitar), Dan Kenny (bass), Alex Lopez (drums) and Eddie Hermida (vocals) unapologetically attack the next chapter of their creative expression together with vigorous purpose, complacency-smashing courage, and fearless decisiveness.

Casper chatted with Eddie about the upcoming album and the black hole it just may create.

Suicide Silence - (Doris) Suicide Silence 2017

Suicide Silence redefines, refines and brilliantly sharpens the purpose of the band, a group whose music has been integral to the personal daily empowerment of many of its diehard fans and absolutely of vital consequence to the survival of the guys in the band.

As evidenced most defiantly and definitively with the self-titled fifth album by SUICIDE SILENCE, the best in music, literature, and all creative arts is born from pain, birthed in truth, drawn from harrowing life experience. It mines the inner depths of the soul to snatch authentic beauty from the jaws of an otherwise certain death. Plenty of heavy bands pay lip service to the idea of overcoming the odds, persevering through adversity, and finding strength from within, but few live it as triumphantly as SUICIDE SILENCE.