[NEWS] William Control releases second Revelations instalment: The Black E.P.

Former Aiden frontman William Control has today released the latest installment in the bands electro-goth evolution, ‘The Black E.P.’. The Black is the second E.P. in the four-part Revelations album series. The first release, ‘The Pale E.P.’ came out last year and topped the Billboard Dance/ Electronic Chart as well as the Heatseekers Chart.

‘The Black E.P.’ is available via Control Merch with a number of bundles, or through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and Apple Music.


William Control comments: “Here we dance on the precipice of a new adventure with perfectly laced boots and a new set of fantastic rules. Shaking off the last flakes of a broken heart we move in the direction of magnificence, shuffling our way into a movement that was created only by our willingness to let go of the pain from our past lives and rocket towards a future where boundaries are limitless and the indulgence we seek is just within reach. 

The Neuromantic Movement has begun. The anger and self loathing of our formative years has been replaced with the innate desire to belong to an exclusive club that we design where the only rule is, there are no rules. We can dress according to our desires, fuck according to our wishes, laugh and dance and cry and let go of the sorrow we feel  at times because life is full of darkness and pain and sometimes it doesn’t feel as if it will ever get better.”

[NEWS] William Control releases second Revelations instalment: The Black E.P.


  1. Analog Flesh In A Digital World
  2. All I Need
  3. Knife Play
  4. Velvet Rose

In case you missed it, William Control released the first single from The Black E.P. ‘Analog Flesh In A Digital World‘ last week, along with a saucy video.

Exploring the ever evolving landscape of human interaction, join William Control as he highlights the disparity between digital and physical connections. The video takes you on a journey through time and space, featuring phenomenal psychedelic imagery combined with a strong sexual undertone…but enough from us, check it out yourselves below!