Brighton, UK’s As It Is has announced the details for their highly-anticipated sophomore album Okay., to be released Jan. 20. 2017 through Fearless Records. 

Lauren had a great chat with vocalist Patty Walters regarding what to expect and the inspiration behind the album. 

(LC) G’Day Patty, it is great to speak with you and thank you for taking the time to sit down and having a chat with us today about OKAY.

(PW) Thank you and it is absolutely my pleasure. 

What reaction are you hoping this album brings?

I hope this record will reassure and comfort the fans who have dealt with similar personal struggles and life events to us, or at least that it will offer them a worthwhile perspective via these songs. We chose to write more personally, more transparently, and more vulnerably on this record, and consequently I also hope the people who related to our previous record will relate to ‘okay.’, equally if not more so.

Do you have a personal favorite track off the album?

My favorite song on the album has to be Hey Rachel. My sister went through a really terrible fight with anxiety and depression when we were both kids, and it prevented her from going to school, seeing her friends, and just living her life in general. I was never sympathetic or supportive enough, and I’ve regretted that since. This song was my apology and all the words I’d never said. It’s such a personal and sentimental song for me for that reason.

How much time was spent in the studio while making this album? The finished product… was it what you intended when you went into the studio?

We spent a month recording the album with Mike Green. Mike was hugely creatively involved with this album, which was a new and invaluable dynamic for us. We wrote three songs with him in the studio, and our completed songs he retouched and reshaped as well. His involvement made the record better than we could have hoped or achieved otherwise.

No Way Out was just released, can you tell us what the story behind it is?

We wrote the lyrics to ’No Way Out’ together, so it means something slightly different to each of us. For me, it’s about the breakdown I experienced whilst writing this album. I wasn’t being honest with myself nor the people around me about unstable I’d been for the last year or more. I was unable to feel or enjoy much of anything. ‘No Way Out’ for me was about the desperation and inescapability of that time.

The album art work is very interesting can you tell us how you came up with it?

We loved the idea of tapping into 1950’s culture and imagery to personify these songs. The 1950’s was a time where contrived happiness was instilled to overshadow the fears and anxieties of the time. It promoted the idea that it’s more appropriate to exist superficially and perfectly than honestly and vulnerably. We thought it really effectively represented our lyrical themes and the duality of our mostly upbeat music and contrastingly sombre lyrics.

Where there any music influences that had an impact on this album? if so who?

Each of us has a unique and eclectic taste in music, so we chose to really embrace that on this record. However, our core influences didn’t change and will always be bands like Jimmy Eat World, Motion City Soundtrack, Death Cab For Cutie, etc.

You head out on tour this year what are you most looking forward to seeing or doing?

I can’t wait to be back in Australia. One of my favorite parts of touring is visiting a city for the second or third time. When you’re able to remember certain streets or shops or landmarks or memories. It’s a weird and wonderful feeling when you can navigate your way through a city that was entirely new and foreign when you were last there.

Who has the most annoying habit on tour and what is it?

It’s not exactly a habit, but the guys and I do vocal warmups before every show, and mine specifically are painfully annoying. I just push my voice as high as it’ll go and it’s totally insufferable to be around.

Do you have a pre-show ritual that the band does right before you go onstage?

We don’t do anything out of the ordinary, we just warm up, stretch, and play some songs to get us hyped. We’re pretty boring.

What are you hoping is different this tour then when you were last here?

Our first Australian tour was mind-blowing, so I’m not hoping for anything particularly different. I’m just hugely excited to play a bunch of new songs for the first time and giving each show everything I have.

As a band, what do you feel is your greatest accomplishment that you have achieved? 

Personally, my proudest moment was becoming the first UK band to sign to Fearless Records. We’ve has so many truly incredible and rewarding experiences, like the amazing bands we’ve played with, the shows and festivals we’ve played, and the places we’ve been. But I grew up listening to the Fearless Records roster, and it felt naive to dream of joining it one day, but it’s so humbling to be part of their family. 

Thanks again Patty for chatting with us and we will see you on the road  in Feb!



Jan 31 – Perth @ YMCA HQ
Feb 1 – Perth @ Rosemount Hotel
Feb 2 – Brisbane @ The Brightside
Feb 3 – Brisbane @ The Lab
Feb 4 – Sydney @ The Lair
Feb 5 – Sydney @ The Lair
Feb 7 – Newcastle @ Drone
Feb 10 – Melbourne @ The Evelyn Hotel
Feb 11 – Melbourne @ The Evelyn Hotel
Feb 12 – Adelaide @ Fowler’s Live