[Album Review] Beasto Blanco – Beasto Blanco (2016)

Beasto Blanco Tracklisting

01. Buried Angels
02. Grind
03. Feed My Frankenstein (Alice Cooper cover)
04. Carcosa
05. Death Rattle
06. Dark Matter
07. Sadhana
08. I Rise
09. Machine Girl
10. Honey
11. Blind Drive
12. Damnation

Review by Tess

Although Chuck Garric may be a household name in the American rock community, I have a feeling it’s about to get a whole lot bigger with the new self-titled release from his band BEASTO BLANCO.

I personally first heard about Chuck back in 2014 when he played alongside Alice Cooper at The Palms in Los Vegas during the “Raise The Dead” Tour and have been following his progress with anticipated enthusiasm. I got to see him perform personally with Alice during Motley Crue’s gargantuan final world tour, you think he would want to take a small breather but not Chuck…. Onwards and upwards… Rock never sleeps!

It wasn’t long before we heard the news of a new release from the Beasto Blanco camp. Their self-titled, full-length second album, on November 25, 2016, via Rat Pak Records.

“Live Fast Die Loud” was the essence of rock. It had the grit, and the ballsy sound you would expect. However, along comes “Beasto Blanco”. Wow. Talk about grit, talk about raw ballsy sound. They have doubled up on everything they had for the first release. Fellow vocalist Calico Cooper was quoted as saying “This record is like a baseball bat to the chest that you want more and more of“. And that is nothing further from the truth.

Buried Angels starts the album off with the industrial/rock sound that Beasto Blanco has made all their own. This, of course, goes hand in hand with Chuck’s voice. Lightening up when Calico chimes in with her vocals. It’s the perfect fit of ying and yang. Rock n Rolls version of dirty and clean vocals. Not forgetting to mention the killer guitar riffs that will have even the meekest rocking out on their air guitar.

Grind is one of my personal favourites. It has a beat to die for. At this stage of the album, Beasto Blanco has come out firing on all cylinders. These 2 songs instantly set the tone and forces the rest of the album to fall in line and live up to them.  This song is catchy as hell. Everything about this feels like it’s a new biker jacket that must be stomped on and hauled through the mud & dirt because nothing is cool about a shiny leather biker jacket. Again, Chuck’s voice fits this perfectly, along with the badass bass sounds from Jan LeGrow and Tim Husungs heavy drum beats.

It’s not surprising that Beasto Blanco’s interpretation of Alice Cooper’s Feed My Frankenstein’s main vocals is sung by his daughter Calico Cooper. You might have seen her in videos or on stage with her mother as part of Cooper’s stage show. Nothing beats the original of course, but this would have to be one of the better covers I have heard. Makes it even cooler that it is generational. I should mention again the vocal switch in this song between Chuck and Calico shows how suited their voices are together. Ying and Yang.

Carcosa takes a turn and you are wondering whether you are still listening to the same band. Its missing the industrial grit sound of the previous songs, and Chuck’s vocals reminds me more of Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train days.

Death Rattle brings you right smack into a sleazy smoke-filled bar with its crawling beats and grungy Californian rock sound. Followed by Dark Matter, which I can only describe as a gritty rock love song. We see the return of the Ozzy-esque vocals and you will feel like you have been thrown into some futuristic space age era. Personally, what stands out to me is the lyrics. I get a sense of Chuck’s dark side. I really believe they will resonate with anyone who takes the time to really listen and hear them. Shortly after we have a short (52second) vocal interlude by Billy Bob Thornton that will be interpreted differently by different people. I will leave you to your own interpretation.

WHACK!! There goes that baseball bat to the chest as you’re brought somewhat violently, back to reality with I Rise. Bringing back that gritty raw sound and along with it comes a mish-mash of instruments that somehow just work.

Machine Girl sees Calico strike again with the main vocals, channelling her demented and warped Harley Quinn side. I would personally like to see what they came up with as an accompanying music video to this. Fast paced and furious duet, as per only Calico and Chuck know how to do. Mad beats and riffs round of this rocking sound perfectly.

With only 3 tracks to go, we have Honey and Blind Drive which are two dirty original rock tracks where the vocals are almost spat out at the listener. Ramming it home that Beasto Blanco is only just starting to rock your world. In both of these tracks, I can clearly hear some Alice Cooper influence, maybe his years of rocking out with him have laid a foundation of where Chuck will always go back to. “Let the pandemonium in”… Invitation accepted!

Rounding off the album we have Damnation and upon a few listens I think this is another personal favourite. Slow and steady rock beats, easy to listen to and follow along. I have visions of this being blasted back at the band when sung live. Loud and Proud.

Chuck comments “This album is a clash of elements coming together in an organic implosion of sonic perfection, Beasto Blanco is not about reinventing the wheel, we’re all about giving ’em cool rims!” I cannot sum this album up better than that! Awesome stuff guys (and one bad-ass girl)! Can’t wait to hear more.