The utterance of “I’m a Richie girl” from star-struck female fans have been a favourite companion in my life since 1983, generally because it ignited some heated and robust discussion amongst those whose opinions may differ.  For the rest of us, the work of Richie Sambora has been at very least stunning and unforgettable, sans requirement for me to guild the lily further.  But with his return to Australia in September 2016 being the catalyst for further celebration, and in the company of none other than our favourite Australian expat in Orianthi, I cannot contain my digital lingua. It’s simply too exciting.

At Silver Tiger Media we freely confess to being big fans of the Adelaide Orchid since 2007 and we celebrated with great glee watching her fan base explode with the 2009 release of According To You.  And from there Orianthi Panagaris has been a staple of our appreciative rock n roll diet, catering in constantly pleasing form to our meticulous palates.


I will resist the overwhelming temptation to celebrate Orianthi’s musical brilliance with too long an article.  Rather I will simply invite all interested parties to share some of this remarkable performer worldwide acclaim, as our travels here and there made the vain attempt to satisfy an unquenchable thirst for her musical prowess.

I will simply let you read on in accompanying pages, offered to build the anticipation further for RSO’s (Ritchie Sambora & Orianthi) Australian Tour.  This a most welcome opportunity to see these brilliant stars live and in person as we wait patiently for their keenly anticipated album.  Richie, you know we have long loved your work in Australia and cannot wait to see you again.  Orianthi, every year and to every adoring Australian heart…you always come home.  Thank you

Artist Review : ORIANTHI

ORIANTHI in Las Vegas

ORIANTHI @ The Gov, Adelaide 2014

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RSO – Richie Sambora / Orianthi