GUTEN TAG Mateeus ziner Casper aus Zeelba Teega medien, vie geht es dir?

Hello Rohan how are you ?

Good Good Vundabar. It’s a tremendous privilege to speak with you, thank you very much for your time.

Yeah and speaking of time, its time to come to Australia and finally our dream comes true, you know we have been waiting for years and been trying. It obviously took the right promoter to bring us over there to finally play. It’s only one show, but we still get to finally play in Melbourne in October.

Absolutely, you have sent us all into a frenzy with news of your visit in October it’s so incredibly exciting Dakeshun.


Please tell me we will hear Winds of Change and Rock You Like A Hurricane?

Yeah, we are coming to Australia to play more or less a show of our greatest hits. Unfortunately, it is only one show, but it was the only show we could squeeze into the tour we are doing in October. So we come from New Caledonia and go to Melbourne and we Rock You Like A Hurricane.

Indeed, Yes straight off to Singapore afterwards. But just one show makes this such a special and august occasion.

Well that was all that was discussed for this year but I think it will give the Australian fans a taste of what we are doing and hopefully we can play more shows next year.

Wonderful and we cannot thank you enough for including Melbourne on this round and congratulations on the 50th anniversary of the world tour mein got, when it is said aloud, 50 years and your part since 1978. How has the journey been? How do you sum up such an incredible career?

When I joined in 78 it was still very basic, and throughout the following years we reached some kind of superstar status all around the world pretty quickly especially with the albums Blackout and Love At First Sting with the songs like “Still Loving You” and “Rock You Like A Hurricane”. We really broke through and it was really great. We have had our ups and downs of course like every other band. We have been maintaining travel for many decades now and we are still going very strong. The tour which started May last year has been successful everywhere in the world.

Wonderful and with all due respect to Karl-Heinz Vollmer, Ulrich Worobiec & Michael Schenker your own magnificence on Lovedrive really was arguably the defining factor launching Scorpions into stardom forever. Did it feel immediately right at the time, when you joined?

It was a big step for me when I joined even though the band was at a low level compared to today but it was a very good band and I was younger than the other band members at the time. So it took some time to be completely integrated. I think the time came in ’79 when we went to America and it was the first time for everybody, so it kind of levelled things out between us. 

Most Certainly, and you had already played with Lady Fargo and Deadlock but those days it is literally a lifetime ago. It still astounds me that 140 guitarists auditioned for your role. What do you think it was that made you joining so right for the rest of the bands life.

I don’t know but there were some interesting times. I think they picked me as a guitar player not only because I can play their music well but also it has to be the chemistry with the band. This band is based on friendship. Just choosing between the best 5 guitarists in the world will never work. You need to have a great understanding of each other. And this is why we are still together after so many years, 40 years for me now.

Yes most certainly and you and Rudolph swap the lead and rhythm such as Rock n Roll Band, Lady Starlight, Animal Magnetism and the most noticeable would be Wind of Change. How does that decision come about to swap roles between you both?

Well, it’s a natural thing. Mostly I play the lead and would like to play the solo in certain songs but we have a very good understanding, so we don’t really need to talk much about that it’s just very natural. We have never been at the point of argument ever.

That’s incredible, of course, you are still producing such excellence, I am just as much a fan of “return to forever” as anything before what is it that keeps legends as yourselves driving ever forward playing and producing magnificent music.

For us it is very important not to rely on the big songs from the past, we will of course always play them because the fans enjoy them and they are fun to play on stage but for us it is very vital to write and produce and record new music because we are out on the road again and we need something new so that we are excited as well. You don’t want to start a new tour with old songs. We have to keep ourselves new and up to date.

And thankfully you do enjoy touring so much, I know that Scorpions live is certainly on my bucket list along with a visit it MJ guitars in Munich

HAHA that is something I started almost 10 years ago. It was like a hobby and I love guitars and it came out of nowhere. Someone offered the store because the previous owner wanted to retire and I thought well why not… I don’t see it too often but it is a beautiful store and when we finish the tour I will spend more time there.

I must ask you Matthias do you still have your trouble guitar? the black 1963 fender Strat?

Absolutely, I keep all the original guitars. The first explorer was in the hall of fame in Cleveland for a while, I got it back because we wanted to re-record an old song. And all the old big songs, I keep everything to do with them and they will never be for sale.

And back to the tour, you are bringing the magnificent Mikki Dee with you this is going to be genuinely unmissable experience. Mikki must be incredible to perform with?

He is a fantastic drummer and a very nice guy. When he joined us back in May he fit in right away, like from day one, that’s the sort of guy he is. It feels like we have known each other for an eternity even though we had only met once before. He plays fantastically and has a lot of energy that lifts up the show even more and even though Motorhead doesn’t exist anymore, it is still good for Motorhead fans.

Wonderful , I cannot help but be reminded of Lemmy’s immortal words that “Mikki is the greatest drummer in the world”

Yeah, he is an excellent, excellent drummer. It’s fantastic.

I realise you are on a tight schedule, however, will you have an opportunity to have a little look around Australia while you are here?

We have a day off before the show, so we will definitely take the opportunity to at least look around Melbourne. We have all been to Sydney for one day on a stopover and I had a guitar with me so I have played in Australia before… in my hotel room .

(both laugh)
It was short but it was great. We have the best memories. So one day we will spend more time maybe next year.

Oh, fingers crossed and I know fans from every other state will be praying for that. We have plenty Becks for you here. Maybe we can start Octoberfest in Melbourne this year in your honour haha

Haha great… great haha

Is there anything, in particular, you are looking forward to about coming to Australia again.

Of course, we can’t wait to get the experience to play for our Australian fans. We have met Australian fans elsewhere in the world who have travelled to see us and they have told us Australia has been waiting for us and now finally it is happening I am excited it should be fantastic.

Extremely exciting we cannot wait to see you. Thank you very much for your time again Mathias and please travel safely.

 SCORPIONS – 50th Anniversary World Tour


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Interview with Matthias Jabs (Scorpions)