As an absolute rule, we at Silver Tiger Media are steadfast in ensuring we cover supports as an integral component of the lead up to a headline act.  Very unfortunately, and due to circumstances beyond our control, tonight was the exception and we made it to 170 Russell with literally minutes to spare before Trivium to the stage.  Our sincere apologies but at least no injuries, so we feel most fortunate so far consequences go. 

All I can add is that the support acts for tonight must have been killer because the room was full, sweaty and pumped up for Trivium.  Iron Maiden’s Run To The Hills blasted out from the house sound system as a preamble to Trivium taking command and this was met with the usual head nodding, high fiving and general metal bonding among the masses.  Before long our headliners arrived on stage and were met with a deafening eruption of cheering, yelling and applause.  The room was at full capacity with both numbers and sheer fervour for this mighty band.

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With no requirement to gild the lily Trivium launch straight into Snowfall and then Silence In The Snow, the title track from their most recent release and guided by the crowd reaction, I am confident in noting that the crowd was full of admirers of their contemporary work.  With this album nestled among my pile of personal favourites, the opening track was the end of any remaining composure I possessed.  And this track was a brilliant opener due to the fact that it is one that allows all band members to showcase their individual skills live before Matt’s delivery takes over the show.  Paolo delivered a powerful bass masterclass from the outset with his sensational delivery and certainly had his share of the crowd enjoying his splendid work.   This group is so inherently exciting to watch live, but tonight I believe the crowd were awestruck with their opening track, so much so that Matt felt compelled to throw out a fitting challenge.   Their favourite crowd of the tour thus far was Perth, much to the angst among Melbourne followers, but we can do better after Matt’s invitation to excel in celebration.   Horns are thrown forward and Matt’s signature head raised, tongue out signalled the start in earnest.  The crowd erupted in earnest celebration, with the band performing as tight and tremendously as ever before.  This just became chillingly thrilling with tracks like Strife and Blind Leading The Blind being favourites, but before long each track was celebrated as excitedly as the last.  Rain was a brilliant reminder of what a fantastic addition Paul Wandtke was at the kit of this sensational band.  His surgical skill with the sticks is profoundly impressive, to say the least.  As always, Corey Beaulieu is just thrilling to watch performing live and just as precise as any studio recording.  Magnificent.

The crowd seemed satisfied with levels of gleeful festivity as Matt expressed his admiration and love of our fair city.  Ha… Perth, eat that!

In reflection, Matt’s delivery and ability to hold the crowd in the palm of his hand is very difficult to top.  This is compounded with such a generous set list highlighting his ability to sustain his command through to the finale. 

The vocabulary available to me seems scarcely capable of accurately describing this show from Trivium because this was a ‘you had to be there’ type of performance.  Perhaps it was merely a personal journey and I am now biassed, but observing the crowd I’m sure I was not alone.   The lighting, the sound and the bands sharp performance blended with the crowd reaction, everything was perfect.  A celebration of a fantastic mix of their ever swelling catalogue played to perfection.  This was sensational. One that will be remembered for a long, long time.  Thank you Trivium.  Your shows are always nothing short of superb, but this was one out of the box. Brilliant.