A DJ as the support act, combined with a lot of early arrivals who found a way to scream out the band’s name at every opportunity prior to the start of the show, meant that there was indeed much anticipation in the air once The Stranglers took to the stage.

With a laconic, easy-going swagger they did just that, and it was then that it felt like this was to be a fairly laid back affair – nope!

The set began with the band ripping into ‘Toiler’ and immediately Jean-Jacques Burnel and Baz Warne began strutting like madmen, setting the tone for what was to become a highly charged night of frenzied punk, new wave, post-punk, call it what you will.

Ninety minutes of pure classic tunes including Golden Brown, Peaches and No More Heroes, just to name a few, and the full venue had reaped the rewards for venturing out midweek to see what is undeniably one of the true pioneers of the UK punk scene, and one that has continued to enjoy world wide acclaim whilst creating a variety of musical styles through the decades.