My first visit to The Central Club in Richmond and I was pleasantly surprised, a good crowd gathering and a relatively good lighting setup!

So, on came Melbourne’s own ‘Kilamaine’ to kick off proceedings, and it was just what the crowd needed to set the mood, great old school riffs combined with a metal passion so evident in the movement of the band in general that you instantly became familiar with the sound… this was gonna be a killer night indeed!

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Next up, and hailing from Sydney were ‘Hazmat’ with their brand of thrashy ‘80’s style riffs, with what appeared to be a healthy influence derived from iconic bands such as ‘Megadeth’ and ‘Testament’ to name a couple.

There was no break for the crowd, as Jay (vocals/guitar) continued to deliver a seamless performance from verse to verse with a punchy, edgy sound that obviously had the crowd moving.

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Time now for the mighty ‘Temtris’ to hit the stage as part of their ongoing Australian tour to launch the new ‘Enter The Asylum’ album.

The set kicked off with the album’s title track and this folks was obviously gonna be a superb experience!

Punchy, tight riffs combined with Genevieve’s visual appeal and vocal range and you’ve got a combination of old school memories, combined with a newish contemporary sound that makes you feel proud of this magical genre we all love!

This band jumped from verse to verse with a consistent tempo, interspersed with beautiful flowing lead breaks, then with Genevieve’s vocals kicking back in and you had a set full of emotion and power!

‘Temtris’ absolutely smashed it tonight!

Make sure you all go out and get this new album people!

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The night was completed by Melbourne’s ‘Toecutter’ with their maniacal vocal twist combined with a magnificently fat and crunching guitar sound!

Whilst constantly moving my eyes back and forth to absorb the band’s energy, one could not avoid being drawn back toward vocalist Neil Vance with his deep, guttural sound, along with the intense, steel look in his eyes as he delivered each vocal note with absolute power!

This folks was raw, unadulterated power which had the crowd pounding their fists against their hearts with unashamed and profound pride!

Each track just allowed the energy to continue to enter your soul, and by the end you were quite simply exhilarated, and spent!

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