What do you get when you put five teenage girls together with a crazy Svengali? ….. MAYHEM! The Runaways burst onto the scene in 1975 with a 15 year old Cherie Currie out front screaming the instant classic ‘Cherry Bomb’!

 Casper had an amazing chat with Cherie ahead of her first ever tour downunder.

The band created a sensation wherever they appeared and quickly catapulted from playing small clubs to selling out major stadiums – headlining shows with opening acts like The Ramones, Van Halen, Cheap Trick and Blondie. The band’s 2nd album featured the call to arms hit “Queens of Noise” and Cherie’s band-mate Joan Jett’s “I Love Playin’ with Fire”.

The Runaways were riding a wave of out-of-control international touring, hit singles (including “Heartbeat” and Lou Reed’s “Rock and Roll”), and platinum albums. But the rollercoaster started moving too wildly about on the rails for Cherie who departed the band and released her first solo album at the age of 18. Cherie recorded a number of albums with her twin sister Marie and later embarked upon a film career including roles in Foxes (alongside Jodie Foster), Parasite (which featured a young Demi Moore in a supporting role), and Steven Speilberg’s Twilight Zone, The Movie.

In 2010 Dakota Fanning portrayed Currie in The Runaways, a biographical drama film executive-produced by Joan Jett and based on Cherie’s own memoir, Neon Angel, which recounted life in the band and Cherie’s traumatic experiences with drug addiction, sex abuse, and her broken family. Cherie also appeared in Edgeplay, a documentary on her former band, produced by former Runaways bass guitarist Vicki Blue.

As well as performing on stage, Cherie is also a wood-carving artist, using a chainsaw to create her works. She opened her own gallery in California in 2005.

Cherie released a new solo album, Reverie, in 2015 which features appearances from ex-Runaway’s bandmate, Lita Ford and the final production work by former manager Kim Fowley. Recent live set lists include “American Nights”, “Is It Day Or Night”, “Heartbeat”, Queens Of Noise”, “California Paradise”, “Midnight Music” (all The Runaways), Lou Reed’s “Rock and Roll”, “Do You Love Me” by Kiss and David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel”.

Cherie and her new band recently popped their proverbial “Cherry” with an exclusive eight show tour of the U.K. that ended up selling out in many of the major markets including London. The Runaways never made it downunder, so don’t miss seeing the original “Cherry Bomb” for Cherie Currie’s first ever Australian and New Zealand tour!

“The crowd continued to jump and dance… It was seriously hard to find stable ground because the floor was bouncing so hard. Currie’s voice resonated all over the building and out into the streets. The party didn’t stop all night.” –

“… she is kick-ass ready to ROCK again and proved it!” –

“When Currie hit the stage it was like she never missed a beat. She was on fire with the spirit of rock and roll and I was in heaven. You can’t fake this stuff – you either got it or you don’t – and Currie’s got it in spades.” – Real Rock Report

“Currie came across like a panther let out of a cage… Currie amazingly looked every bit the vixen at 50 that she was at 15. She still has the vocal chops – Currie truly owned the stage.” – Newwaveego blogspot

The Original Cherry Bomb’s First Ever Australian and New Zealand Tour

Presented by Tombowler and David Roy Williams Music


Friday 20th May – Kings Arms, Auckland

Saturday 21st May – Bodega, Wellington

Sunday 22nd May – Churchills, Christchurch

Thursday 26th May – The Triffid, Brisbane

Friday 27th May – Manning Bar, Sydney

Saturday 28th May – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Tuesday 31st May – The Gov, Adelaide

Wednesday 1st June – Rosemount, Perth

TICKETS ON SALE Pre Sale: 9am to 11.59pm – Monday 21st December | General Sale: 9am – Tuesday22nd December

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