Venom are an English heavy metal band that formed in 1979 in Newcastle upon Tyne. Coming to prominence towards the end of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Venom’s first two albums—Welcome to Hell (1981) and Black Metal (1982)—are considered a major influence on thrash metal and extreme metal in general. Venom’s second album proved influential enough that its title was used as the name of an extreme metal subgenre: black metal. Drummer DANTE chatted to Casper about their craving to tour Australia.

Venom – vocalist / bassist and original member, Cronos, plus guitarist Rage and drummer Dante – have long delivered their music with an underground punk spirit, a blending of styles and stance documented in ‘Punk’s Not Dead’ from ‘Fallen Angels’, and continued now with the nefarious blast of black noise that is ‘Long Haired Punks’.

This ethos is further reflected in the production of the new album, overseen by evil mastermind Cronos, which has been kept real an’ raw for maximum impact.

Says Cronos: “This album is perfect; all three members are totally over-the-top confident with the new songs and the production. We had a great atmosphere in the studio while we were recording; Dante created pure thunder from his drums, while Rage tears the flesh off your face with his riffs, making everything fall into place so well… it shows the band maturing into an unstoppable force of pure Black Metal. We can’t wait to play the new songs live for the Legions… Hell Yeah!”

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Venom - Long Haired Punks