Well as you have heard British up and comers THE TREATMENT are on their way here for SOUNDWAVE 2015! If you like a little AC/DC, Airborne, Krokus, GNR, Motley you will love these guys!

Casper had a chat with Drummer DHANI MANSWORTH about their new album and coming to Soundwave.

Although still in their late teens / early 20s, The Treatment are inspired by the great traditions of the hard rock genre, with a dash of punk spirit strategically safety-pinning worn leather seams.
The band – based in the Cambridge area of the UK – released their debut album, ‘This Might Hurt’, through Spinefarm Records in 2011; produced by Laurie Mansworth (guitarist / songwriter with UK rockers Airrace) and mixed by Tony Newton from Voodoo Six, the 12 tracks made it clear that these young musicians were deeply proud of their home-grown roots, with live anthem ‘Nothing To Lose But Our Minds’ tapping into the work of such quintessentially UK outfits as Mott The Hoople.
From the punky power-rush of ‘Departed’, through statement track / video ‘The Doctor’, onto rock juggernauts like ‘Lady Of The Light’ and ‘Shake The Mountain’, the album shows genuine spirit and drive, plus a deep-seated desire to be a part of The Great Rock Revival; at a time when the genre is looking for champions to take things boldly into the future, The Treatment are determined to turn a collective blind-eye to fickle trend and fashion, and keep a white-knuckle grip on their hard rockin’ roots…
Since 2008, when 15-year-old schoolboy drummer Dhani Mansworth (son of Laurie) decided to put a band together, inspired by the great names of rock (AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, etc.), the search was on to find young local players skilled beyond their years. However, with no-one of a suitable calibre jumping to the fore, this search was soon extended to more far-flung parts, and bit by bit the line-up took shape…
First to join was lead guitarist Ben Brookland, then bassist Rick Newman (aka ‘Swoggle’), then rhythm guitarist Tagore Grey… but it was the position of front-man that proved hardest to fill, and it was a full six months before vocalist Matt Jones was (finally) discovered near Norwich, UK.
The line-up was complete.
Next step: intense practise and writing sessions, but rather than go the route of booking rehearsal studios then travelling back and forth, the five decided to focus 100 per cent on the mighty task at hand. With school days now behind them (but only just), they opted to move into the Mansworth family home, where they could eat, sleep and breathe the music they loved, without distractions, without compromise.
12 months later, The Treatment emerged blinking into the sunlight – guitars at the ready, a set of lovingly-crafted songs prepared, sights set on the future.
The next period (2012-13) would see the band hitting the road with a vengeance, combining headline tours with guest appearances and festival slots around the globe; not only did they open shows for a host of rock heavy-weights (Alice Cooper, Slash, Status Quo, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Steel Panther, Black Stone Cherry, etc.), they also appeared at festivals such as Sonisphere, High Voltage, Download and Hard Rock Hell in the UK, Graspop in Belgium, and the inaugural Ozzfest in Japan. Indeed, they were the only UK act, apart from Black Sabbath, to feature on that bill.
Along the way, they attracted the attention of both key industry names and high-profile musicians, with Izzy Stradlin, Gene Simmons and Nikki Sixx all sending messages of praise; indeed, it was largely down to such connections that the band were offered the opening spot on the Kiss / Motley Crue double-header that toured the US and Canada across the Summer of 2012: 50-plus arena shows that put The Treatment in front of vast crowds on a nightly basis.
Now, in 2014, this extensive live experience has been channelled into Studio Album Number 2. Titled ‘Running With The Dogs’, this is the first official Treatment release since the five-track ‘Then & Again’ EP – a collection of ’70s covers issued on Spinefarm Records back in January 2013.
Whilst ‘Then & Again’ further showed the depth of the band’s influences, it didn’t really give a hint as to what would be coming with Album 2…
More of the same? Or a radical departure?
Containing 13 new tracks and produced once again by Laurie Mansworth / mixed by Tony Newton at Iron Maiden stalwart Steve Harris’ Barnyard Studios in Essex, UK, the long-awaited ‘Running With The Dogs’ essentially takes the car built by the band on their debut release and adds a bigger engine, fatter tyres and a louder exhaust.
Three videos are now available to be viewed – ‘I Bleed Rock + Roll’, ‘Emergency’ and latest single ‘Running With The Dogs’, the clip for which was partially filmed on the band’s UK tour with Airbourne in December 2013.
All of these tracks are essentially hard-driving material, but the record isn’t pedal-to-the-metal from first note to last, with more measured tracks such as ‘Cloud Across The Sun’ and ‘Unchain My World’ giving balance to out-and-out rockers like ‘The Outlaw’ (featuring harmonica from Hank Williamson of The Boss Hoss), ‘Don’t Look Down’ and ‘Drop Like A Stone’. The aforementioned ‘Emergency’, meanwhile, sits somewhere between the two extremes – a mid-paced burner built on a thunderous riff plus a soaring, multi-layered chorus that is already a staple of the band’s live set plus a recent A-List inclusion on Planet Rock in the UK.
Certainly, it was given pride of place when The Treatment embarked on a headline tour of the UK in early February – 10 shows around the country, with guitarist Jake Pattinson (replacing Ben Brookland, no longer able to continue for personal reasons) stepping temporarily into the fold.
Next, the band embarked on a run of shows that included major European festivals (Download in the UK, Rock Am Ring / Rock Im Park in Germany, Graspop in Belgium, etc.), plus headline dates in Ireland and France, where the five have been picking up some high-profile media exposure (TV show ‘Taratata’ plus ‘Album Of The Month’ accolades in the mags).
In short, The Treatment – now complete with new German-born guitarist Fabian Dammers – are set to be busy for the rest of 2014 and well beyond, with a festival in France (Raismes Fest) confirmed for September, another headline UK tour locked into place for October, and a debut trip to Australia (Soundwave) lined up for February / March next year.
In the meantime, the band will release another single from the ‘Running With The Dogs’ album – a new mix (by Bob Marlette) of ‘The Outlaw’, supported by a video and a fresh version of the track that sees a few rockabilly influences coming to the fore!
The Treatment 2014: Just what the rock ‘n’ roll doctor ordered!

The Treatment - Running With The Dogs