‘’No one puts on a show like Tech N9ne!! From beginning to end it’s a non-stop party.”

Tech N9ne has sold over two million albums and has had his music featured in film, television, and video games.

His stage name originated from the TEC-9 semi-automatic handgun, a name given to him by rapper Black Walt due to his fast-rhyming Chopper style. He later applied a deeper meaning to the name, saying that it stands for the complete technique of rhyme, with “tech” meaning technique and “nine” representing the number of completion.

Tech N9ne rejoiced on the career-defining song “Strange 2013,” his collaboration with The Doors. Tech N9ne named his Strange Music label with partner Travis O’Guin after the icon rock group’s songs “Strange Days” and “People Are Strange.”

As a black fan of rock and rap growing up in Missouri, Tech N9ne grew up thinking he was “strange”. Getting to work with the surviving members of The Doors on “Strange 2013,” a reworking of “Strange Days,” is one of the proudest moments of his ground breaking career.

“If it wasn’t for their fusion of music, I would have never told Travis I wanted to call the joint venture that we have Strange Music,” Tech N9ne explains. “That’s why ‘Strange 2013’ meant so much to me. Now, when I listen to it, I smile, like, ‘I did that.’

They’re the ones that inspired me. It’s the thing keeping me alive and putting my kids through college, because I was a Doors fan.”

“one of the greatest and most entertaining and skilled rappers alive at their prime … Tech N9ne isn’t a show to be missed. – Ever.”

Today, millions of people are Tech N9ne fans. He became known as an innovative rapper in the 1990s because of his trendsetting ability to rap at breakneck speed, to rap backwards and, soon thereafter, to also deliver riveting personal songs that examined his own inner demons, as evidenced throughout such memorable cuts as “Tormented” and “Real Killer.” In the 2000s, Tech N9ne hit the road relentlessly, becoming one of rap’s premier touring acts.

Tech N9ne is featured on Lil Wayne’s ninth studio album Tha Carter IV on the song “Interlude”. The track features a verse from Tech and Andre 3000 (Outkast). With 2012’s “Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour,” Tech N9ne holds the title of headlining the longest continuous tour in rap history. Even with all these accolades and the impressive list of artistsTech N9ne features on Something Else, he sounds as fresh and hungry as he did when he first started releasing music commercially more than a decade ago. “I’ve got a chip on my shoulder,” Tech N9ne says. “I’ve still got a lot to prove. That’s why I still rap so hard. I’m always trying to get better and better. I’m not softening it.”

“Dudes stage show is amazing! Rhymes so fast he melts the mic.”

“Pop locking skills; Motown like moves; and machine gun type flowing.” – Valencia Voice 

Something Else album was released on July 30, 2013 to universal critical acclaim. The album, which is broken up into three portions — Earth, Water & Fire, features guest appearances from B.o.B, Big K.R.I.T., Cee Lo Green, The Doors, Game, Kendrick Lamar, Serj Tankian, T-Pain, Trae tha Truth and Wiz Khalifa, among others. 

Tech N9ne has appeared on countless TV shows, in movies and featured on video games, now its Australia and New Zealand’s time to be witness to one of the greatest live shows in Hip-Hop period.


Witness TECH N9NE live across Australia and New Zealand in March 2015

Tues 3rd March – Wellington @ Bodega

Wed 4th March – Auckland @ The Studio

Fri 6th March – Melbourne @ The HiFi

Sat 7th March – Sydney @ Manning Bar

Wed 11th March – Brisbane @ Eatons Hill

Thu 12th March – Adelaide @ The Gov

Fri 13th March – Perth @ The Bakery

Tech N9ne - E.B.A.H. - Official Music Video