What a sensational opportunity to meet with Orianthi in Adelaide.  A wonderful lady and a genuinely beautiful soul.   Quite softly spoken and absolutely wonderful to speak with.   So captivating and so much fun.  I hope Richie liked the photo you took of my t-shirt Orianthi.

I simply must thank Orianthi’s lovely mother and thoroughly charming sister for their hospitality and kindness.

After seeing this magnificent guitarist perform in Las Vegas with Alice Cooper, and a few other shows it was a tremendous treat for me, and everyone assembled to watch Orianthi take to the stage in intimate surroundings.

What a show.

Up close and personal we witness the profound skill displayed by this magnificent performer with every pick, strum and fret dancing digit.  Her voice was flawless and simply stunning.

Tracks old and familiar were literally music to the crowd’s ears as a mass sing-along was led by Orianthi.  And such gratitude expressed to the masses is seldom heard with such heartfelt truth.

A roar erupts as Orianthi introduces the great man himself to take to the stage.  As Orianthi welcomes Richie Sambora to the stage, it was met with an eruption of cheers and glee.  Chairs flew and drinks were merrily abandoned as all pressed for a vantage point.

To watch the two perform together is captivating and entirely thrilling.  With the announcement of a collaborative album and accompanying tour the assembled followers roared with great merriment.

A sensational and thrilling performance was provided by Orianthi, along with Ritchie and their fabulous band.   Such a stunning array of musical talent and technical skill.  The most notable difference between Orianthi and Richie is their mutually complementary, but differing styles.

Richie puts so much visible emotion into his guitar playing and whilst no less passionate and impressive, Orianthi does make shredding with such amazing talent and grace seem as simple as breathing.

My wife has been waiting to meet you for many years and have a guitar signed Richie, so thank you.  You are a thoroughly personable and accommodating fellow.  Our first meeting with you was a thrill.

What a terrific treat for everyone fortuitous enough to attend and next year will be even bigger.

Thank you Orianthi, Richie and all involved.  This was indeed a highlight.