Not even an earthquake stopped STM’s Casper having a chat to Deathstars vocalist Andreas “WHIPLASHER” Bergh about their recent album release “The Perfect Cult” and their upcoming Soundwave appearance in Febuary 2015.

“The glamorous gothic rockers shoot ten black hymns in the orbit that are full of coolness, megalomania and sex appeal!” – EMP

The Swedish industrial rock band DEATHSTARS return with a (nuclear) blast when they release their long anticipated fourth studio album ‘The Perfect Cult’. While their predecessor, 2009’s ‘Night Electric Night’ was spawned with the band fairly off the hook of their ‘Termination Bliss’ touring cycle, only to see the band hitting the road yet again. For the upcoming new output, DEATHSTARS finally managed to give themselves the needed time span to work in a “calm and methodic manner, fully exploring the music writing process which resulted in the most dramatic DEATHSTARS album to date.

As far as the lyrics are concerned vocalist Whiplasher states that “all the tracks are about our lives. Each song is a reflection on a situation or a topic that deals with our experiences, usually from a jet black perspective.” With visions inspired by amoral excessive lives, human fears, and decay, the songs will be nothing less than a dark playground set between straight forward tracks, atmospheric anthems and the unwashed loins of lawless rock.