With mere days to wait until ORIANTHI performs a one-off at ‘The Gov’ in Adelaide on Sunday the 21st December 2014, it seems the perfect time to reflect on a few more recent performances.
As the excitement of her return to Australia grows I am compelled to reminisce upon the enormous talent of one of Australia most beloved musicians.
I was lucky enough to witness ORIANTHI’s stunning dominance at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas during ALICE COOPER’s Raising the Dead Tour.  Watching this magnificent musical maiden take to the stage in a shower of theatrical sparks, was not only thrilling but also gave me a strong sense of Australian pride seldom experienced with such strength.
Typically stunning in her trademark attire of long boots, longer coat and signature hat keeping hidden the source of the flowing blonde locks, her angelic presence was bettered only by her shredding guitar style delivered in the most casual of cool rocking technique.
To watch ORIANTHI being celebrated by an admiring legend such as ALICE COOPER was a most fortuitous experience indeed.  After speaking with the great man himself about ORIANTHI it became clear that his esteem was not superficial.
Throughout the show, ORIANTHI delivered a blistering performance with the simultaneous theatric typical of an ALICE COOPER show.  This guitarist is so skillful and dominant that she makes the gargantuan task of playing to such a masterful level and maintaining her dark character for this show, seem as easy as falling over.
Back at home in Australia for Soundwave 2014, ORIANTHI teamed up with RICHIE SAMBORA and the result was utterly amazing.  To watch the couple lyrically and musically entwined in a soulful display of intimacy was by no means a performance.  Although not obvious to the casual observer, the audience witnessed a display of affection and connection between the two made manifest in song.  Although very sad news to most of their admirers, it was no surprise the pair were, in fact. a couple and ORIANTHI was involved.
Yet again ORIANTHI performed with such delightfully skillful ease beautifully complementing Richie’s works.  Obviously, the crowd chanting ‘Orianthi, Orianthi’ was evidenced enough of her popularity.
ORIANTHI’s tremendous skills as a guitarist and vocalist are certainly the subject of world renown, particularly amongst the rank and file of the world’s leading musicians.  Her mastery of the guitar seldom cease to amaze during any live performance and she seems to just get better and better.  Perhaps her collaboration, personal and professional with the great Richie Sambora has driven her to greater heights, but I would like to think that her continuous growth as a musician is the result of their shared affections.
A magnificent performer in her own right evidenced by her previous works but something tells me that a very special performance is stirring for Adelaide.
Catch you all there.