NOW Tracklisting:

Lover Come Back To Me
I Want To Play
I Let Myself Down
The Silence Of Missing You
Reach For The Sky
B & S Ball
Kiss Of Life
The Fire Still Burns In Me
Not Finished Yet
You’re The Secret
Whirly Wind
Lily White Dress
Pleasure Ride
Change My Mind

When should the heavens open and rain down upon Tracey Davis with all manner of delights that come with musical success?….NOW

When should all who appreciate fine music with a country edge, bless themselves with a copy of Now?…NOW

When should the world be learned of the enchanting voice emitted by Tracey during her discourse of musical delight?…NOW

When are we going to review Now?…NOW

Before reading on please allow your humble author to acknowledge that he is completely cognisant of the fact that this is a country music album. But so much more.

Lover Come Back To Me introduces the entire band in beautiful fashion, however, the wonderful voice of Tracey Davis stealing the show takes your attention briefly. But fear not, as the musical mastery soon comes back to the fore and joins with Tracey in soulful serenade.

The saxophone provides an added dimension to this track, as does the following guitar solo, briefing the listener from the outset that Tracey and the band are by no means locked to a particular genre or sound.  Rather the tracks are somewhat exploratory as far as country music goes and this is one of those rare occasions where the ill-advised temptation to stray from the pure, according to the purists, has resulted in a tremendous celebration of sound.

Then we move into the toe-tappin’ ditty that is I Want To Play.  The fiddle really provides that unmistakable country dimension and keeps tone with the spirit of the song.

The title track resounds of the memorable melodies of yesteryear before a brief R&B interlude casts us forward into the classic country sound.  Now is tremendously catchy as all great C&W tracks tend to be.  Chris Hartley on the keyboards really does well in resisting the temptation to burst into a cross-genre solo, but his skills shine none the less.  The electric keyboard accompaniment genuinely provides a sound that you would expect to be bursting through the timber lining of a down south USA soulful church service. A tremendous and very clever component of the track.

I find myself resisting the temptation to provide a track by track analysis of the album purely and simply because each track has something very special and fresh.  Only a few songs in and the listener knows that the album is to be played over again, in its entirety in order to enjoy the musical complexity therein.

Anyone who has ever been to a B&S ball will enjoy the smile brought to the dial, accompanied by the barrage of memories, or perhaps lack thereof elicited by B & S Ball.  Fantastic guitar solos provide the perfect ‘feel ‘to the track and the memories flooding back.

Not Finished Yet is as funny as a boot-scooting session after a drinking competition, solely because of the undisputable fact that even the epitome of heavy metal moshing monster couldn’t resist the temptation to nod the head gently and tap the toe in appreciative accompaniment.  An absolute ripper of a track.

You’re The Secret is a genuine soft rock ballad with all of the essential elements firmly in place.  This album simply won’t stop astonishing and is the genuine article when you coin the cliché that ‘it provides something for everyone’.

Whirly Wind pleasantly hurls us back to sounds reminiscent of lyrical legends Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell, with a collective sound The Mamas and The Papas would be proud to call their own. Superb.

The final track again celebrates the musical excellence of Tracey Davis and her band as we are given a refreshing taste of their capabilities.  Change My Mind is a brilliant addition to the album, despite the warning on the CD that ‘this is not country’.    The group’s multi-genre sound shines yet again, as one is reminded of the disco era and then cast forward to sounds similar to that of musical masters like Chicago.

Tracey Davis. Singer, songwriter and precise purveyor of percussive pace on bass accompanied by a fine ensemble of musicians, all culminating in a magnificent collection of works that is Now.